Go & Do – Small but Mighty!

We finished the Lewis home insulation project today.  This class is small but mighty!

EVERYONE worked diligently!  As leaders we were so proud of them.  They never slacked and when they were done with their area/project, they came looking for something else to do!  The young man Brian, who we cleaned his property yesterday afternoon was so amazed how much the kids had done for him in only 3 hours.  What a blessing to BE a blessing!

We finished our just soon after lunch ,  then headed to the Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  Now, I know that might sound weird, but it is actually a tourist stop. There are three circuses that ‘winter’ here in Hugo, so there is a special section in the cemetery for their loved ones that have passed away. It is something else. Also there are other famous people that are buried there. Freckles Brown and Lane Frost (rodeo bronc riders) The original Marlboro Man (has his headstone ready – he lives in Hugo)  The first Buster Brown.

After that we were able to have some nice ‘chill – down time’ before we rehearsed one more time for our Wednesday ministry with the kids at New Life Church in Boswell, Oklahoma. We had a fun time and the team really did a great job! Getting to visit with these children and knowing that many of them live in very difficult situations made our time with them so precious. God was entrusting to us, the opportunity to encourage, speak life and share the gospel with these little ones that are so precious to him. We gave the Easter message through games and skits and interactive story telling. Then many of the children responded to the invitation at the end to want to trust and believe in Jesus. Very sweet time.

We put together Easter fun bags for each child (wrist slap band, ball, stickers, gospel track, snack and a rubber wrist band) Each child also got ‘The Beginner’s Bible Easter Story Book’.  They were so appreciative.

New Life Church feels God has called them to minister to these ‘at risk’ children in their small town of Boswell. Most of them do not have a hot meal in the evening. So New Life brings them in, gives them a time of fellowship, good food and the gospel message – God’s Love For Them.

We prayed with Pastor Rick and the ladies that run Wednesday night and headed back to ‘home base’.

In debrief many shared how much they enjoyed finishing the insulation. They just felt so comfortable and confident.  They did an incredible job. For this young mom, we did in two – half days, what would take her over a week to do. They loved the ministry time tonight and the time of fellowshipping with the kids while they did the Easter cross craft.  Watching the little ones be so excited about the hot meal that had been prepared for them… just got me. I have the ability to choose every evening – a hot meal? Take out? Go out to eat?  These little ones look forward to that once a week, guaranteed hot meal.

Please pray for Pastor Rick and his family AND his church family as they carry out this ministry of love to these children in Boswell!  Pray that they will continue to have the resources to feed and minister to these children. Pray that the children will hear and RECEIVE the message of hope and eternal life!

Tomorrow we will work here at the park.  They got significant flood damage this past year. I love it when we are able to help out here at the park. These people here have become friends of Summit!

Until tomorrow!

Mrs. G



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