Another Great Day in Oklahoma!

Today was another great day.

We traveled to Antler, Oklahoma and began the day cleaning the project sight and then started insulating a home.  After lunch we headed about 5 miles down the road and cleaned another project sight.  There might be rain tomorrow, which would make it impossible to be able to do the massive clean up after the sheet rock, shingles, paint, and brick contractors had all come. Brian’s (homeowner) property was a mess.  Our team moved 2 partial and 1 full pallet of bricks to another spot in the yard.  The trash pick up included 5,000 pieces of brick (okay, maybe not that many but at least 4, 976 pieces)

Our kids ROCKED IT!  They worked so well together today. As leaders, we are so proud of them. We are a small but mighty team here in Oklahoma! And the neighborhood dog, “Impact” (that’s what Will named him) hung out with us and got much lovin’ today !

We came back to the cabin in the afternoon and rehearsed and rehearsed for tomorrow night! After dinner we headed into Hugo and had desert at Braum’s!  Just sayin’! We came back and had another great rehearsal  a fun time of debriefing. We then talked about Galatians 5:22-26.  I challenged the team to make a list of the fruits of the spirit… out to the side of each one, write is it a strength or a weakness to them.  Then if we are really brave, ask a friend … do you see me the same way? Then, we are to spend time in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to help us to desire to grow in love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  It’s a big list.  I for one need the Holy Spirit’s nudging to react in kindness, to have self-control, to walk in the joy of the Lord … you see where I’m going with this.

We spent time in prayer for the children we are going to have the honor of being with tomorrow night. We finished the evening packing 65+ bags to hand out tomorrow night!

Please pray for our ministry time tomorrow night.  Pray that the children will enjoy the fun songs and skits. Pray that they will listen and their hearts will be open to receive the truth when we tell the Easter story and when we share the plan of salvation.  Many of these children do not hear words of encouragement. In fact, the meal that we share with them tomorrow night will be the only hot meal they will have for dinner all week! These children need to experience God’s love and acceptance. How awesome that we get to partner with God to share His great love with them.

It’s been a GREAT day!  Talk to you tomorrow!

Be blessed and highly flavored …. You ARE the salt of the earth!

Mrs. G

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