Indian ruins … Kum ba ya … S’mores … Mark 10:44-45

Indian ruins … Kum ba ya … S’mores … Mark 10:44-45

It has already been a great trip! We arrived at Hugo Lake State Park 4:20pm,  got settled in and then instead of doing our regular ‘Walmart’ trip we turned left, drove to Townsen and visited Doaksville.  At first I think the kids thought “what are we doing, walking through a cemetery, over a wall and down a gravel path?”  But soon we were laughing and experiencing a great journey/memory together…. We’re going back with more flashlights and a better plan for finding out what is at the bottom of the well …. In the water … moving!

We got our groceries at the Hugo Walmart and Mr. Miller started up the fire pit. While it was getting hot, we talked through our Wednesday night ministry time. We roasted hot dogs and then ended dinner with s’mores! It Was Great fun. (We did have a little Kum ba ya time as well) Then we laughed and grew closer as a team just sharing funny stories.

Our campfire devotional was about the story of the two brothers in the book of Mark chapter 10, James and John.  They wanted places of recognition by Jesus in glory.  Their hearts weren’t after the right thing.  Even Jesus did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.  Verse 44 says, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”

Service doesn’t always equal a servant’s heart.  That is what God desires from us, a heart that desires to serve without recognition, but serves from the sheer joy of serving God by serving others.

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to serve each other, Little Dixie, and the homeowner. What a great opportunity God has placed before us.

Thank you for allowing your student to come to Oklahoma. It is going to be a great trip!

Please pray for our service opportunity tomorrow:

That we will be a blessing to each other and to those we work for and meet

Pray for safety in travel and in our work

Pray for our practice times for our Wednesday night Easter service

Pray that this class grows closer in their relationship with Christ and each other


Bless you  – Until tomorrow

Serving Him Together

Mrs. G



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