We Need To Find A Way To Listen

We Need To Find A Way To Listen
I have a question for you. Think through your life and recall that one person that made such a difference in your life that after meeting him/her, watching him/her and following him/her you will never be the same.

That is Steve Niles! As Steve just walk the streets of the French Quarter and gives a history lesson you are also schooled in the art of caring, listening and sharing. The ease at which he lives his ‘love story with Jesus’ out in front of you compels you to want to follow in his steps. As we learn a brief lesson about one of Louisiana’s governors, followed by the horrific landmark where slaves were auctioned off, we turn the corner and there’s a homeless man and woman. The man has his guitar in his lap sitting on the dirty sidewalk with his case open hoping for small change to find its way into it. Steve stops, asks him how he’s doing and would he sing these kids from Texas a song.  The man does, it grabs your heart at the passion at which he performs for us.  A few from the team drop change and dollar bills into the case.  Then Steve does what Steve does best. He asks, “Can these kids pray for you?”  “Yes.”  Four of our students gather around and bless him. The woman refuses prayer and that’s okay, we can still pray for her later. It was simple, yet it profoundly touched your student’s hearts.

Debriefing – when we sit in a large circle and EVERYONE shares their thoughts about the day. Each student shares what fun thing happened and what impacted them and why. It is a powerful time.

Tonight as we debriefed the past two days, about half the students mentioned Steve and the homeless guy!  (Steve – Director of YWAM New Orleans) The one statement that sums up all of them that spoke about it is this, “How many people around us are in need?  We walk by and ignore them and we miss their life story. We need to find a way to listen”.

Yes … yes we do!

This is what these trips are about …

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Being challenged by simple gestures of love straight from our Father God’s heart.

Being inspired by each other’s testimony of what God showed them

Here’s another statement by one of our students:

When Steve walked up to the man and asked him how was his day  and could he sing for us, it reminded me of when Jesus walked up to the woman at the well. He asked her a normal question. That’s what Steve did. I realized, you can do that every day once you are connecting to the gospel.

We are reading through Romans 12. Asking God to show us those areas of our live that we haven’t totally given to him.  Pray for your student to allow the Holy Spirit to show them where he wants them to grow. Pray they will be encouraged in those areas where they are really doing well. Pray that we will desire to be more like Jesus. Pray that each of these students will encourage their fellow students to authentically live their faith … unashamed.

Our work this morning at the Church/Feeding Center was great.

We painted the concrete floors of 2 offices and a couple of our students helped with handing out food to those that survive because of this ministry.  Those that worked in the offices did more than paint.  We removed desks, filing cabinets, MANY knick knacks, equipment, etc. etc. before we could clean the floors to paint them.  These kids ROCKED it.

After we had a FANTASTIC lunch prepared by precious ‘Brenda’ we headed down to do a little French Market shopping.

Miss Swanson and I headed to the airport to pick up a surprise package. Kalan was able to join us and the kids were so excited to see him.

Tomorrow morning we will go to the Pregnancy Care Center and pray over it.  It is the center run by YWAM to give moms and at risk babies hope for their future.  We might have time to go to the 9th Ward and where the major devastation was from Katrina.  After lunch we will head to the nursing home and sing and visit.

Pray for our day tomorrow. I always want the students to understand that each thing on our itinerary deserves our best because we are here ‘on mission’.   Pray we will find a way to listen tomorrow and that God will give us words of encouragement to the men and women in the nursing home. (workers included)

I wanna be like Jesus … and Steve

Mrs. G


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