Let Your Light Shine!

We Finished The Light Tunnel!  AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!

It’s a great feeling isn’t it, finishing a task that has been set before you?  I am talking about a big task.  I am talking about a task that requires many people to work together. A task that might require you to redo one, two, maybe three sections so it will look right and last through the Christmas season.  It is a GREAT feeling!

Our kids did it! And not only did they finish the light tunnel it was ‘plugged in’ tonight!  A.maz.ing!

Our morning was not so ‘work eventful’ it was still pouring and so we played what I call ‘speed gaming’.  Six tables with six people at each table… every 20-30 minutes you move to the next table and start a new game.

After about 2.5 hours of games you could tell, the fun was over. Then we turned the morning into a leadership and serving one another object lesson. We talked about how do you press through in challenging moments in your life?  Serving others doesn’t always look pretty nor it is comfortable nor is it always with your best friend by your side.  How you respond and make the best of a situation can turn into the biggest blessing not only for the people you are serving, but it can be a blessing for you and those you are working along side.  When you learn to truly serve with a heart of humility, God can trust you with all kinds of people in all kinds of instances. And when God can trust how you will respond and how you will treat others… you can’t believe all He is going to allow you to do! That my friend, is exciting!

After lunch one small team finished the rest of the trees around the lake, the basketball court, the volleyball court and the retaining wall.  The other large team did an amazing job of reorganizing what looked like 100 + tubs of lights and extension cords and honestly I don’t know what all was in them, but when they were stacked and ready to go to storage… it was a WALL of boxes!  I know that organization task was a blessing to the workers here at Tejas and saved them many hours of work. That large team, was a LARGE blessing!

We closed our final devotional with some final questions.  Have you received the gift of salvation?

If no … why not


? What is keeping you from making that decision?

If yes… are you living a life that would make others want to know Christ?

What can I do to be a better example of a life living for Christ?

Please pray for our students that they would desire a relationship with Christ.  Pray for those that have not yet received the gift of salvation and pray for those that have, that they will truly desire to live in a way that glorifies God compels others to want to know Christ!

In the morning we are going celebrate all our hard work and have fun with the rock climbing wall and the zip line!  I shall enjoy watching them this year!

We will leave after lunch tomorrow around 1:30. We will have the students begin to call you when we are about 30 minutes out!  Our plan is to arrive at the school between 3:00 – 3:30.

(You should have a few boxes of Christmas lights ready for them to hang … I am sure they would love it!)

Let’s make His name known this Christmas season!

Mrs G


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