It’s been a great week. Coming home tomorow!

What an amazing week we have had! Some of us are ready to come home… some… not so much!

We went to Oxford today, met up with Christian Schnϋcker, Summit Christian Academy alumni, class of 2013! He has been here since January doing a study abroad! It was pretty fun when Elisha (senior) got to see his brother for the first time since January!

We started out at the open air market where we got ‘treasures’ and ‘eats’! Delicious, inexpensive eats.! THEN, we got a special treat, with Christian taking us on a beautiful walk through historic Jericho area then on to an incredible meadow, river, then past The Perch (another of C.S. Lewis’ meeting places), the thatched house and then what at first seems like 18 more miles of walking we came upon a very old small church! The Pilgrim Church of St. Margaret of Antioch Binsey. The huge trees, the cemetery in the yard of the church, the well that has become a place of pilgrimage, the small chapel itself that has about 17 pews total. The kids just sat around on the ground, under the trees, or near a tombstone and soaked in the serene beauty of the place! It was truly a highlight of the day for EVERYONE!

After a time of peace and reflection we headed back to The Perch for tea, cokes, and snacks! Then back into town, to check out The Eagle and Child (a famous C.S. Lewis favorite). We finished our time in Oxford with a little more ‘exploring and shopping’.

One of the best parts of the day is when we didn’t have to leave Christian in Oxford but he joined us coming back to London. He’ll be heading back to Oxford in the morning when we leave for the good ole U.S. of A.

Our last Debrief!

I want to say that having Mr. Brandon Marks on the trip has been such a blessing! I asked if he would share with the kids tonight! He started off asking them to share their dreams for the future. I’m not going to write what they each said, but I will tell you, this class is a class of young men and women who want to serve others! I love that!

Brandon (that’s what I call him) shared about his journey from high school through college to now! The journey of his relationship with Christ, when his life was mainly focused on himself and then that moment during a time of worship, when he allowed God to come in and healed broken places, give him direction and then eventually led him to Summit!

He told the students that even when they cannot see him, God is there working for them.  Only the things you truly trust God with, will be successful.  God gives you the wisdom you need for every situation in your life and equips you like you won’t believe.

Christian then shared with the group!  He talked about how we each go through ecclesiastical seasons of life… we each live a story.  He said that was part of why he wanted to come to Britain. He wanted to live a better story.  Each of the seniors have their own story, it’s very real for them right now.  They are coming up on their next chapter of their story. Will it be college, military, etc.!  One minute your story has complete joy you can’t explain to the next you are overcome with sorrow!  When I hear someone’s story I realize the importance of other people. You might know a chapter of their story or their full book.  Something I would have loved to have heard before now is other people are living a story too. Who you are is so important to everyone around you.  Lose your fear, find your courage to sing your song to the world – because the world needs to hear your song!

We ended with prayer and encouraging them that as they walk out their story, as they pursue their dreams, if they will seek the wisdom from God and allow him to guide them, they will find there is no equal.

We’ll see you tomorrow!  Thank you for all your prayers!



Flight #


Depart and Arrive Time






6:10 PM – 9:25 AM

(Arrive 20APR15)






11:55 AM – 4:05 PM

Love your kids!

Mrs. g

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