Culture Overload

Here it is – the outline of our day!

  1. Baker Street – Sherlock Holmes … hotel and museum
  2. Beatles memorabilia
  3. Porky’s BBQ
  4. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (another FANTASTIC TOUR GUIDE)
  5. The Golden Hind (replica of a really old pirate ship)
  6. London Bridge (it was not falling down)
  7. Tower of London
    1. Dawson got to talk to Queen Anne (Naomi too and I’m sure others)
    2. The Crown Jewels
    3. The Torture Tower
    4. The Bloody Tower
    5. The White Tower
    6. The Beefeaters
    7. The Chapel
    8. Old Buildings and Towers
    9. The Gift Shops
  8. The City River Cruise (cruised the Thames)
  9. Harrods
  10. Sleeping on the Tube
  11. Debrief

These young people are amazing – I love them so much! I am going to miss them so much! During our debrief we (Mr. Marks and I) encouraged them to finish well. We talked about friendships, their dreams and the reason they were created!

My constant prayer is that they each will pursue God with all their hearts. Then they’ll see their hearts desires come to pass. They’ll live a life fulfilled!

Mrs. g

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