London – Another great day in England!

We made it to our hotel, lined up our bags in the only room that was ready and headed into London via the tube! Oh and did I mention, where our hotel is? As we were driving on the road to here, looking out the window and seeing this huge stadium, we told the kids, “We’re about to drive by the Wembley Stadium, you’ve got a good chance to get a real good shot of it.” A couple of minutes later we pulled up to our hotel and … voila! We are RIGHT NEXT TO IT! AND… a shopping center … HA!

Our London tour stops today:

Big Ben               Parliament Buildings                     Westminster Abbey

Parliament Square Statues                         Lunch at a small upstairs restaurant … great food!

Churchill War Rooms! (AMAZING! )

St James Park (The Duck Pond)                Buckingham Palace (saw a changing of the guards)

I think we enjoyed the Westminster Abbey more than we would have partly because of Bill and the tour he gave us at the Westminster Cathedral. I know I did.

Seeing so many people interred or honored at Westminster was interesting, amazing, and at times confusing. So many kings and queens, people of royalty, poets, writers, evangelists, philosophers, and musicians…. And more!

We then headed to lunch and then the war rooms! IF you EVER have a chance to come to London you MUST look at the war rooms. Amazing! Many areas are still the same with a protective glass panel there instead of the wall so you can see ‘into the past’ and get a feel for a very tumultuous time and see the behind the scenes workings of a great nation and their fight against tyranny!

A beautiful walk through St James Park ending at Buckingham Palace! A changing of the guards, then at the soldiers’ barracks, in the huge yard area there was a rehearsal of some kind – 3 military bands, soldiers, dignitaries practicing!

Tonight one group went to the West End to watch ‘Les Miserable’. Mr. Marks took them in.

My group decided to forego going back into London and experiencing the London Eye (can you say tired of walking?)

Okay… I’m going to go on the Record … NO ONE HAS ICED, TEA LIKE THE GOOD OLD USA! I begged for one at dinner and I’m guessing it was 6/8th lemon water with 2/8th tea – like a weakened canned Nestea with lemon. I complimented them on it because it DID have a LOT of ice!   HA!

Tomorrow will be another day of going strong. And great times of interacting as a team, great conversations and really, it’s getting a little sad. It’s hitting them that this is just one more ‘last’ thing.

Pray for them and our moments of encouragement and our debriefing times tomorrow and Saturday.

Oh, and congratulations to Mrs. Castello and that new baby grandson!  It was also a great day in America!

Mrs. G

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