Hey Y’all! We had a Texas Sized Day in Basingstoke!

The morning assembly was a hit! Our students are so talented! We did the whole assembly western style. We taught them to say, “howdy, hey y’all, ya’ont too? And Yeehaw!” We taught them “Deep in the Heart of Texas”. Even our scripture verse took on a western bent. Psalm 20:7 Some trust in chariots, some in horses “Yee-haw” but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God.

The students of Kings school enjoyed it… we had geared our program to the younger kids but our students were on top of it and a few of them ran out into the audience and got the older students involved. I was so proud of them! Plus we pulled 7 of their students in to help hold the response boo, hiss, aww cards for the Melodrama of Wrangler Dave and Rustler Goliath!

Every teacher told me it was ‘wonderful’, brilliant, clever, etc. the classes loved the crafts we brought. Many of them were practicing their Texas accents and what they were going to say to their parents when they got home! LOL. I wish I would see and hear the results!

We also gave each student a bandana and the school some kick balls for the younger classes and 3 sizes of parachutes. We left our left over craft items which is also a blessing. Our team gave their teacher workroom Texas Longhorn candies and Jalapeno jelly for their break room! They loved it!

After the morning crafts with the elementary students we went and played games and visited for an hour with the 7th & 8th grade students and teachers. After craft time our theater students hung out with their theatre class where the students played an improv game and helped the students block their scenes. It was fun to see them jump in and help out all while making jokes and laughing throughout the class. All in all it was a fantastic time of ministry! I believe it blesses us as much as it blessed them. They asked us to stay in touch! And would love for us to come back!

In the afternoon we rested and yes… you guessed it… a few more shopped! : )

In the evening I took a few back to Winchester and we saw an incredible performance of Pirates of Penzance. Shakespeare style! Brandon’s team stayed in Basingstoke and had some mean competition at the bowling alley! It was a fun night!

We head to London at 7 in the morning!

Thank you for our prayers. Please pray for continued health and stamina. The weather has been beautiful but it supposed to start getting colder and rainy!

Have a great day … we did and tomorrow we’re going to again!

Mrs. G and the whole gang!

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