Basingstoke – We’re here!

Basingstoke – in the Old Town Centre, there’s quite a bit of history

We went to King’s school and met Russ Beese – the lead teacher, and got a tour of their campus! Okay, Mr. Chapman, you would be so stoked to be here… 15 years ago they held their science class in WWII bunkers that are in a field behind the buildings. The city has since taken over the land and no one can do anything with it. King’s school would love to buy it but it’s sitting in limbo. It’s a prayer point. King’s school wants to turn it in to a park, garden, etc.

They are really excited about us sharing on Wednesday morning and then working in the classes during the day! WE ARE TOO!   We can’t wait to hear the little voices with British accents. Please pray we’ll be a blessing to them! And the things we brought them will be a blessing as well!   Kick balls, parachutes, craft supplies.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Winchester – was at one time the capital of England! Even more Jane Austen points of interest… the 1000+ year old church!   Shops…. Boutiques…   shops…. (That’s for the girls that have already hit the mall just one block away!)

Tomorrow afternoon we will prep and rehearse for our Wednesday morning assembly and craft time and PE time with the students at King’s School

For dinner we went to a Tapas Restaurant … GREAT FUN! LOTS of FOOD!

We recapped our day quickly, everyone is very tired!

Thanks for your prayers!

Mrs. G

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