Strong Emotions In Just A Short Time!

Strong Emotions in Just a Short Time

I know I must say this a lot, but it is so true! It was an amazing day!

  • Mount Vernon –Potomac River Cruise
  • We Fight to be Free – Short Film at Mount Vernon
  • The Tour of George Washington’s Home
  • The American History Museum
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl
  • Debrief

Tonight’s debrief – it’s hard to put into words how moving tonight’s time of sharing was. The leaders and students were vulnerable with their thoughts and feelings about what they saw and felt.

I think what one student said really expresses what we were all going through all day long. “It was cool to see things that could bring such strong emotions in a short time.” It was so true, in an instant we could be laughing so hard and in the next moved to tears!”

Things shared during debrief: (paraphrased – because it’s hard to type that fast and get everything)

  • Challenged me to cherish what I have – I take so much for granted
  • We all need to do something – live our lives in a way that when others look at our life they are inspired by our life to live with purpose
  • I thought of Esther – God’s plan was going to happen with or without her, every single person here is a part of God’s plan, we need to do what He has for us to do with honor
  • When I came on this trip 9 years ago – I met God on this trip – You can too (spoken by a SCA alumni who joined us tonight)
  • Because we had already learned about some of these things we saw at the museum- it really added to the experience
  • I really liked the section about the Vietnam War – seeing all the artifacts – the stacked televisions with all the looping telecasts of that time
  • I don’t know what it is about this trip – but even though things like the museum and mount Vernon are touristy…. They didn’t seem that way … this seemed very personal
  • The Flag – it was so amazing – seeing it and then seeing the pictures of it in history
  • I didn’t know that George Washington was so awesome!
  • Actually getting to see parts of the 911 remnants
  • How much was given up so this country could begin. The hallway that represented POW’s… their treatment… it mean a lot … so much was given …for us!
  • The America Stories area – artifacts that represented people’s lives – Made me think about what is God going to do in my life
  • I really love George Washington more than I used to – Everything here is temporary –
  • George Washington – his character – how he’s remembered! It was inspirational, he was a man of honor, respect and discipline. I want to be remembered for things like that
  • It was cool to see things that could bring such strong emotions in a short time
  • I was reminded of my dad, writing me letters… the Korean War … means a lot to me, it was for me and my family
  • Watching the video, the families reading the letters … it made me cry. Thinking of the sacrifice. The families waiting for the loved one to come home, and some didn’t. The letters that were written to their families in case they didn’t come home. The sacrifice they knew they would maybe make and to have to write a letter like that. It made me very proud of the men and women in a very real way!


I just didn’t know any other way to share tonight’s session– and that’s just a small part of what was shared !

The meaning of sacrifice really got into their hearts today. God touched their hearts. And as Thomas said, “You allowed God to be involved and when he is… it changes you! For good!”

Tomorrow will be just as impactful!

It was a sweet and tender time! Pray for good rest and our hearts to be open to the plans God has for us!

In the morning we’re laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier! 11:15 EST   10:15 CST

Here are our 4 students (in no particular order)

  1. Gabrielle Cote
  2. Danielle Hannah
  3. Robert Mata
  4. Justin Boddeker

Tomorrow morning we’ll let them know the two that will be holding the wreath, however this is an honor for our whole team!

6:00am comes early – Time to say goodnight!

Mrs. G







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