Washington D.C. – Not Just a Visit But an Opportunity

We had 2 great flights and all our bags arrived with us! That is ALWAYS good news to me!

It was late by the time we checked in and most eating places were closed so we ordered pizza in, and now we’re all getting settled in, hopefully getting to sleep soon because we’ve got a LONG day tomorrow!

When we can, we keep our schedule loose so we can change outdoor events to indoor events and dodge weather issues…

Here’s what’s on the agenda for tomorrow –  at one time or another!

1. We will start off with prayer at the Washington Monument.  We’ve done that from our very first trip here 9 years ago (or maybe this is the 10th year)

Then we’ll do our prayer walking on Embassy Row

Hopefully hear part of one of the cases being debated at the Supreme Court

Visit the Library of Congress

Lunch in there somewhere

The Memorials in the afternoon – ending at the Lincoln and the Korean memorial in the evening!

Please pray for us!  Stamina, health, focus, the ability to truly see beyond what I call tourist eyes!

One of Summit’s former students Thomas Moye is joining us when he can. He works here in D.C.  He was on our first D.C. trip!  He is a blessing and tonight encouraged them to really dig into what they were experiencing!  It’s an incredible opportunity to embrace everything about the trip and it will change them. It changed him when he was here!  It can be a powerful trip!

That’s it!

Mrs G

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One thought on “Washington D.C. – Not Just a Visit But an Opportunity

  1. Sam Mata

    Thanks for the great update, we will be praying for everyone. God bless. Sam & Kelly.

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