An Amazing Day!

It was a beautiful day for painting in Boswell, Oklahoma! We got to meet Cierra during lunch and her two beautiful children at

We didn’t get the outside completely painted but we did get A LOT of the outside painting accomplish! We were so close to finishing but we needed to return to the cabins to clean up for our evening ministry time with the children at New Life Family Church!

There has been quite a bit of rain here … so much that the home we worked on today should have been moved in to already! But rain, snow and ice has kept her from being able to get her home finished and moved in to!

It’s such an honor when you get to meet with the homeowner and pray with them. That is just what we did at lunch time today! It was a muddy painting day! Very muddy! However, these students sludged through it! It was hard work but we were so proud!

Tonight’s ministry time was fun! Everyone did their part: singing, skits, memory verse, crafts and prayer time.   Some of the prayer requests were for jobs for their dads. Quite a few asked for prayer for their dads who had lost their jobs, sick family members. After craft time we had dinner with the kids! Homemade spaghetti and salad and garlic bread!   This church has been feeding these children for over 8 years. It is an amazing ministry! The pastor shared with us that for many of them, there would be no evening meal if it weren’t for them coming to the church! Those little faces and you think about them going to bed hungry! It’s hard to say goodbye to them!

God is really cool how he does stuff!

  1. We had plan on how our days would be here in Hugo
    1. God had another plan
    2. The civic center desperately needed help
    3. We desperately needed to meet Edre (105 year old women) and all her bingo playing friends
  2. The Head Start needed our help for their Federal Review – we accomplished 5 playgrounds
    1. Seriously – five is A LOT
  3. Cierra needs 700 volunteer hours – We gave her 96 hours today!   A blessing two waysL
  4. I’ve been trying to find my {insider info) on the Elephants that are here in Hugo!
    1. Standing in line at Walmart
    2. The young man behind me starts a conversation about my food items
      1. It was ravioli and red and white sauce
    3. I asked where he was from – Long Island – I asked what brought him here – Elephants
      1. His name is Dominick
      2. He tells me how to get a hold of the ‘elephant people’
      3. I contacted them – kind of persuaded them to give us a tour
      4. We get to see and feed the elephants tomorrow morning
    4. When I received the 2nd call back trying to work through whether or not we could see the elephants…
    5. WE ARE PUMPED! We’ve got our bags of apples and bananas!

It’s been a great week… we don’t want to leave the view! It if hadn’t been a little chilly we were all tempted to just take our sleeping bags and sleep on the decks under the stars!

We’ll send an IRIS text out letting you know when we have left Hugo !

It’s late – tomorrow seems to come early – everyday! : )


Be blessed! And Bless others!


Mrs. g





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