PLAN B – The REAL Plan A That God Had All Along!

PLAN B – The REAL plan A that God had all along!

I love it when you have a plan and right at the last minute – or hour – or day – everything changes! That’s when you pray, pushing fear of the unknown aside and trust that God has it all under control and then you get to see what God has planned.

We got the call this morning at 8:15 with the news that the rain was indeed going to cancel our previous planned day with working with Head Start. I assured them we would find something to do and would try again on Tuesday to reconnect with a Little Dixie work project!

Two of us went to the nursing home to see if there was anything we could do with or for them today and we were invited back for their Black-Out Bingo game they have every Monday at 2:30 …

Well, there’s one hour of the day down…

Then we went to the Civic Center to see if they had anything we could do for them! The lady yelled at the gentleman in the office next to us, “Hey Marty, did you hear that?  They want to know if we have anything that they can do for us?  Any work project?”  He came out of his office, we explained who we were and that we wanted to serve if they had something we could do! They had just had an award banquet over the weekend and the Civic Center Hall was a mess! 10,000 square feet of mess!

80+ tables, 480+ chairs, Drink dispensers, a portable pen for animals with bleachers, (yes the kind used in barns, to hold FFA animals, with sawdust), and a very messy floor! (food and drink spillage) 10,000 square feet of sweeping and mopping!

This 10th grade class cleaned that building in 3.5 hours… The 3 people in the office couldn’t believe it. It would have taken them at least a week to clean it up! One of the ladies in the office said to me, “Who just shows up at your door and asks if they can help you? This is such a blessing! Our maintenance man passed away in December and we are so behind with stuff like this. We don’t really have anyone to oversee things like this right now!”

After the Civic Hall cleanup was done, we set up another set of tables and chairs for 100 people in the show barn! Marty said he didn’t want to mess up the clean hall we’d just finished!

The nursing home! Oh My Goodness! Every Monday, Scott Jones and his mom Sue come and play Black-Out Bingo with a few of the residents! This was probably the most fun one of our classes has ever had playing bingo at a nursing home! It’s so fun because EVERYBODY wins! He doesn’t stop calling until every number has been called!

We met the cutest little lady, Edre, she’s 105. I asked her what her secret was for long life, “The Lord!” she says.   A.MA.ZING! She’s still walking… with a walker but she doesn’t look 105! Our kids had so much fun with all of the ladies and gentlemen! They were so interactive, joking, laughing! Everyone was involved! I was so proud of our students! It was hard to leave!

When we debriefed tonight with the students it was evident they all enjoyed they day! The Park here is beautiful… even with the gray skies and the rain… it is beautiful! We enjoyed being able to help at the civic center. It really was a lot of work… Coach Martin… it’s true… Hard Works- Works! J    I loved how a couple of the students commented on how important it is to honor the elderly! Their lives have value and to be able to spend time with them and show them we recognize their value is so important! As we talk about a servant’s heart, Mr. Miller shared how impressive it was to watch Scott really genuinely show his love and respect for the elderly. He not only knows their names but each one of their birthdays! His gentle ways with them and how he joked and laughed with them, you could tell not only do the clients look forward to every Monday, so does Mr. Scott Jones! He is a perfect picture of someone who serves with his whole heart – I know it glorifies the Lord! And the Lord takes great pleasure – every Monday at 2:30 Black-Out-Bingo Time!

You can talk until you are blue in the face, trying to convince others that you can trust God, in every circumstance. However, when you experience His trustworthiness personally it can build your faith in Christ. It will strengthen your trust in the Lord and build up your ‘experiences’ stories so the next time Plan A gets changed, you know you have a God who already has it figured out! Pslams 56:3 What time I am afraid I will trust in you!


After dinner we spent time rehearsing for our Wednesday night children’s program! These are some talented kids!

Please pray for the rain to stop!

Pray for our next assignment!

These kids are GREAT!


I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow night!


mrs g

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