Serving Doesn’t = A Servant’s Heart

Hugo, Oklahoma! Who would have imagined about 8+ years ago we would have developed a strong relationship with the Little Dixie organization, then a few years later adding New Life Church in Boswell, Oklahoma!  A former Summit principal Karen Douglas and her daddy John Bates from Idabel, Oklahoma helped us begin this incredible friendship/relationship with the people of Hugo and Little Dixie!  The opportunities Summit has had to be blessed while we get to serve and bless others has been nothing short of amazing!

Even though it is the end of the winter season and green is beginning to peak out, this place is beautiful! Cabins overlooking the lake – it’s so peaceful and such a blessing to be able to be here and serve!

We had a good trip here with a little rain here and there! Lunch at Freebirds! Dinner prepared by cabin 12… Clean up provided by Cabin 14 … then a fun and loud game of fishbowl! Oh my word!

This is a GREAT class and I enjoyed watching them interact with one another. Even though it’s a silly game there was a lot of team building, encouragement and laughter! That’s good stuff!

Tomorrow looks to be a very rainy day… please pray the rain passes on through so we can do the work that Little Dixie needs for us to do! But, never fear… this has happened before and I go knock on the doors of nursing homes, churches and the Chamber of Commerce … we’ll have something to do! Someone will need us I’m sure of it!

Our first devo is titled, “Serving Doesn’t = A Servant’s Heart”!  I have been reading some devotionals by Rick Warren and he touched on this subject.  It seemed so fitting for this trip to use some of his thoughts to challenge each one of us!

We’ll be reading Mark 10:43-45   Pray for us as we ask the Lord to search our hearts, and show each one of us our motive for serving! Do we serve for recognition, power and prestige, the way the world measures greatness? Do we serve from a heart that says, “Lord, please pick me, use me, even if no one knows I’m doing this because it’s not for my glory but for yours”.

So I’ll pose the question for all of us –  What is a servant’s heart?  Do I have a servant’s heart? What is my motivation when I serve others?

Think about it!

Thank you for your prayers! Don’t stop!

I’ll update tomorrow evening

Mrs. G

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