Thursday in New Orleans!


We did our walking tour this morning, but it was a little too brisk to stay out there and do the normal prayer time in the square!

We had our Café Du Monde beignets! I will confess I did get a little powdered sugar ‘cloud’ war going on! This was the cleanest beignet eating class I’ve ever brought… I had to make a move! We had a great time!

Abigail  I  love this face!   powderd sugar !  It might not be easy to see… but we are ‘sugar coated’ from our powdered sugar cloud war!

After lunch we went to the nursing home and helped the clients play bingo! They don’t usually have bingo on Thursday, however, it was one of the ladies’ birthday and bingo what a part of her celebration!

We ended the afternoon playing with the kids in the complexes up the street! That is where we will go tomorrow afternoon for more play time and kids club! Here’s my dinner crew!  They were AWESOME! Spaghetti, meatballs, garlic bread, salad… YUMMY!

Cooking team 2015 This was actually the lunch crew! Henry Afterwards a little circle soccer game going on while the cleaning crew did the dishes!

We debriefed our day and each one shared their favorite part of the day! This is a great time for each one of the kids to hear how their fellow classmates felt about the different events of the day! You can be standing by someone, laughing, listening and being involved in the same activity but you don’t know what’s going on in their heart until they began to share!

We ended the evening practicing our skits and songs for tomorrow afternoon!

Pray for continued good weather, good attitudes and God’s continued blessing on each one on the trip!

Oh… in the morning every person on the trip will have their name on a piece of paper placed in a bowl. Then we will each take a slip of paper and will each keep that persons name a secret…all day!  We are then to take notice of them all day and in tomorrow night’s debriefing we will each share whose name we have and bless and encourage them letting them know what we see in them!

It’s has always been a really wonderful time of blessing each other!

Have a blessed day – Speak blessings to those around you!

Nite all!

Mrs. G



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One thought on “Thursday in New Orleans!

  1. putaozhi

    Henry, we are so proud of you! Enjoy your time there with friends!

    Mrs. Lambert, thank you so much for taking care of Henry and all other kids. It is amazing to see what God is doing in their lives!


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