We’re here! Wednesday Night in Algiers Point!

Hi Parents,

What a great group of kids!  I know because I’ve spent a lot of time with them… enclosed in a van.. and I still like them ALOT!

A big thank you to Mrs. Castello and Oscar Medina for giving you all the IRIS shout out and email to let you know we arrived!  I didn’t have the login to the wifi here yet!

We got here and unloaded and went and had all you can eat Italian buffet at Little Sicily!

The ferry doesn’t run in the evening any more so here’s our new schedule for tomorrow

  1. We’re going to go do our tour in the morning, let the ground dry up for our work project.
  2. We’ll tour near Jackson Square and then prayer walk Jackson Square … then end the morning with beignets from Cafe Du Monde! (W)e’re letting the ground dry a little more before our work project on the YWAM base
  3. Lunch and then to the nursing home for a Wild game of BINGO! ! !   Trust me… it’s serious business – Bingo with the men and women there!  and SO fun! 
  4. Prep for the children’s ministry
  5. Dinner
  6. Evening devos and debrief…

The kids are all settling down!  The girls are doing the devos and going to bed.

The guys… are doing something!  Actually they are having a guy’s meeting and then reading their scriptures for tonight and going to bed!  We are actually in two different dorm houses… right next to each other!  We love it… more bathrooms and showers for us!  : )

IF you want to follow along – we’re reading Romans 12:1-21

We are going to really focus on the following verses – 1,2,6-8,10,13,17,18

(okay… it’s almost all of them but it makes them feel better if it doesn’t look like it)

Here’s the questions we are asking?  What is God telling me in the following verses and what does He want me to do about that verse!

Tonight we’re really just reading .. tomorrow morning we’ll begin to answer those questions!

Usually I don’t get to write in the journal this early.  So don’t wait up each night.  But there should be something first thing every morning!

Be a blessing – because you’ve been blessed!

Mrs. G

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