Advent conspiracy project!

I first heard about doing the Advent conspiracy project years ago through a youth leaders idea website!  I loved it and we adopted the idea, changed some things and added it to our 7th grade Impact trip!

Tuesday morning we had one more yard to rake the leaves!  I have to tell you all 4 homes where we raked the leaves, we got hugs and tears!  It seems like a small thing, but when it would take 8 – 21 of us 2 – 3 hours to rake a whole yard or area, how long would it take the lady of the house to get it done?  A week?  And how exhausting with so many other things not to mention for a couple of them it would have been an almost impossible task, physically!

After we finished our last house we divided into 3 teams and worked on our conspiracy projects!  A conspiracy – an plot to bring harm to unsuspecting people or groups.  Advent conspiracy – a plot to bless unsuspecting people or groups – one that will hopefully point them to the story of the ‘coming’ of the Christ child!

Group 1 –  Make a ‘Thank You’  bag for the Marble Falls Police Dept.   It certainly surprised them and the officer told the kids to continue to do good right on into adulthood – We need people that will serve others!

Group 2 –  Make a ‘Thank You’ basket for an Urgent Care break room.  People that are serving others – sick others!  It was a blessing to them

Group 3 –  A hotel worker that has come upon tough times – blessed him with Christmas $$ to help with his financial crisis – He was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know what to say!

We had a great time – I pray that each of the students will realize that it doesn’t take a lot to bless others – you don’t have to spend $$ either!  You can serve them.  Package up food – wrap up presents – sing songs – rake a yard …

May your Christmas season offer you many opportunities to ‘ bless and serve ‘ others – straight from your heart to theirs!

mrs g

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