Lights, Ladders and Zip lines … Oh MY!

It was another day of hanging lights! We are getting GOOD at it! We’ve learned to make giant lollipops out of duct tape, swim noodles and pvc pipe. If their runner was able to get more spools of lights we just might get that tunnel finished! It’s our goal for sure!

The zip line and climbing was an adventure for many to say the least! The anticipation and screaming made for a fun and at times funny 2 hours! Tejas blessed us with a free time of an open gift shop, zip line, climbing wall, gaga pit and just hanging around taking a break.

Our work schedule ends at 5:30 but we are a determined group and after dinner we found extension cords and got back out there in the dark (with lights) and kept stringing lights until there were no more to string. Our goal to finish tomorrow is attainable if those other lights show up!

Our evening debrief we talked about the scriptures from last night. The jars of clay with the light of Christ in them can be us. We can be light to others. We can be the salt to others. How does that look? Well, for each of us it will look differently. God will use who he created each of us to be. We may have to step out of our comfort zone, but someone might be waiting on us. We might be the answer to someone else’s prayer. Showing kindness. Praying for others. Being a friend. Sharing Jesus.

We broke up into small groups and talked about the ways we can do that, individually. I can’t speak for the others, but in my group we talked about the different ways each of them can be a light… it was a sweet and encouraging time.

Warning…no one wants to come home. They all want me to see if I can just bring them back on Friday. I love that… however, I am bringing them back tomorrow afternoon, just to clarify! : )

As we go into this Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I want to encourage you to read those passages as well. How can you let the light of Christ shine through your life bringing hope and peace to others.   How has God gifted you so that you can use that ability, talent, characteristic and be the ‘salt’ that someone else needs to bring value to their life!

God is good and he wants to do good things in and through you!

Love your kids!

Mrs. g

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