Mission with a Mission!

A Mission with a Mission –

New Orleans Mission – it was our morning ministry time! Kendria gave us a tour and explained the programs available to the homeless needing an overnight respite to those who really wanted to change their lives and get a new start! It was quite amazing! Kendria has one more month in her year program and she graduates – cap and gown!

Giving us her testimony she shared her many trials and the decisions that got her on the streets to the decisions that made her want to get off the streets!

After the tour we were divided into work teams for lunch: filling the plates with food, filling glasses with water, walking around with water pitchers to refill their glasses, handing out the desert, and cleaning up! As the people walked by you, you couldn’t help but wonder, “What got you to this place?” Each person has their own story. I was so proud of our students serving the people, looking them in the eye, acknowledging that they are ‘there’ a person, with a deep need!

Afterward we finished cleaning the lunch room, making it ready for the dinner crowd, we headed to the park for some chill time and a sandwich/chip/cookie lunch!

Returning to the base we got ready for the afternoon ministry Kids Club for the kids at the projects. Our kids did SO WONDERFUL!   This is really a hard ministry time as most of the kids do not respect those coming to serve them, and it’s hard to keep them corralled when it’s time for the song, skit and lesson time! However, I believe through prayer and God’s grace it was one of the BEST ministry times Summit has had in a long while!

Jesus is your friend – there is no other like him – he is a forever friend

Song Team – Brittany, Hannah F, Alana, and Cameron

Skit Team – Gabe (Big Red), Yasmin, Abby, Katy, Aston, Hannah G, Kendall, Joey, Jane

Testimonies – Kendall and Joey

Wrap it up – Coach Hoffman

We ended with the students in small groups with the children – sharing scriptures that they had written down and praying with them.

Great Debrief time! Highlight points!

  • Kendria’s testimony – it’s never too late for God to rescue you and change your life
  • You are responsible for your own choices you have made
  • The children were so hungry for attention!
  • Some of the kids were so mean to each other – they were only mimicking what they see at home!
  • The kids loved the scripture verses we gave them – they were memorizing them and wanting to share them with others – standing up and saying, “Listen everybody, here’s my scripture!”
  • The kids loved the attention given them – wanted to know when we were coming back
  • The gentleman Michael – was just visiting in the neighborhood – stayed for the whole ministry time – He told Chad he had never seen anything like this before. He asked, “Does this happen all the time? My neighborhood needs something like this!”


We Ended the debrief with a precious time of prayer –

It’s time now to clean up a great dinner – enchiladas and Mexican rice and beans.. yummy!

Showers – to bed –

Tomorrow we will take the 9th Ward Devastation Tour (Katrina) then it’s shopping in the French Market – back to have our final devotional and prayer time – clean up – getting ready to head home on Thursday.


Mrs. G

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