Power in Prayer –

Power in Prayer –  The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective!  James 5:16  (NIV)

We started the morning devotions talking about different aspects of Romans 12:1-21

Presenting your body as a living sacrifice – what does this mean –  what does it mean to me?

Renewing our mind –  how can we do that?

Honoring one another

We ended our small group time by spending time in discussion and prayer about verses 1&2… read them, and allow God to challenge you AND pray for us as we allow God to challenge and change us!

We headed to the property in town where they are building the new Planned Parenthood building . We didn’t protest we just stood in the shade on the property next door and asked God to intervene! God gave us the opportunity to talk to 2 of the workers… They didn’t like what they were having to do because they were hired to help build a medical clinic but had no idea what kind of medical clinic it at first. It wasn’t until days later when a sign had been put up next door that they understood what they had been helping to build!

Please pray for Louis’ and Leo! They both work for different companies! Leo is done with his work and relieved to be leaving, however Louis’ work is just beginning! He would like to find somewhere else to work as his wife is expecting. He asked us to pray for his co-workers that were sitting in their cars because they were embarrassed to let us see that they are working there. It was a powerful and sweet time of prayer!  Louis was also given the contact info to get help for him and his wife for medical care and things they will need bringing a baby into the world.  Chad was able to connect with Leo which allowed the Holy Spirit to break down walls! Contractor to contractor. Isn’t God amazing how he knows ahead of time, who will be needed on the team to have a specific part in the ministry time!

We then headed to YWAM’s Crisis Pregnancy Center. Bronwen shared their history and a few of the beautiful stories of how God has saved children!

We headed to New Orleans Burger and Seafood and had a GREAT lunch!

Afterward we put together 120 hotdogs – heated – wrapped in foil – in 4min29sec! No Joke! Amazing teamwork. We headed downtown to where the homeless hang out and many of them live and sleep! Each leader had a team and they handed out hotdogs and visited and prayed with many of the people!

The ministry time ‘Under the Bridge’

  • How protective one man was over his wife – she was sleeping – he wanted to be sure she was safe – how little they had – how much we have
  • One guy has a job at the superdome – yet he lives on the streets
  • How they would continue to come back and get another hotdog – telling us they needed hotdogs for their families – yet they would walk back to their spot and eat what they just got from us –  the need to lie, yet there wasn’t a need
  • The man that needed a job and was waiting for a call to be able to work
  • How ungrateful we are – we fuss because of homework, we want certain things, they have nothing  –  we have so much!


Returning back to the base we began working on our Kids Club outreach for tomorrow afternoon!

We are doing a skit about being a friend – and needing a friend – Jesus is our forever friend!

Playing, coloring, chicken in a bucket, sidewalk chalk – then songs, a skit, a Bible lesson, and prayer.


In the morning we will be heading to the New Orleans Mission! It’s where the homeless go to sleep and get a meal. We will be doing work projects for the mission – and helping prepare lunch!

The homeless won’t be in the mission while we are doing the projects! They haven’t given us the list but generally it is things like sweeping, mopping, cleaning, and helping in the kitchen, etc.!

Thank you for your prayers!


Mrs. G





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