Drove my Chevy to the levy….

We MADE IT! About 4:30pm  A LONG but safe drive – beautiful weather – clear roads!

Plenty of drivers! Kids were great!

We are staying in different base houses right next door to each other! The girls have a house and the guys have a house. We’re all excited – more showers for the girls! J The accommodations are great!

The ferry has changed it’s program so to speak. It now cost to ride it so we’re saving that till Wednesday. We had dinner then loaded up and headed back downtown straight to Café’ Dumond! After we sugared up we took our walking tour and Steve Niles shared brief history pieces of New Orleans at different landmarks. We stopped and prayed on the sidewalk beside the Supreme Court of New Orleans! I’ve been coming to New Orleans YWAM for 11 years –Steve and Bronwen’s passion for the city is  what I love for our students to see! Steve and Bronwen have been here for 25+ years and God has given them favor in the city! For our students to be able to connect with that can be life changing!

We will be heading to the Crisis Pregnancy Center where we will learn about their ministry of saving lives and families. We’ll spend time prayer walking and then we will come back to base and prepare 150+ hotdogs for feeding the homeless under the bridge near the New Orleans Mission this afternoon!


Thank you for your prayers for safe travel!

We will be starting our devotionals on Romans 12:1-21  Monday morning! – serving God with our whole body! Follow along with us and allow God to speak to you and pray for us as we allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us!

Mrs. G

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One thought on “Drove my Chevy to the levy….

  1. Bonnie Carlisle

    It sounds so exciting! We pray that you will have a safe and truly inspiring experience with the kids this week. What an amazing opportunity!

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