Leaving Milan – Coming home

First –  leaving Milan  flt 199  arrive in New York  1:35pm EST

Leaving NY  flt 291  5:15p   arrive in Austin  8:20p CST    See you there –  Your student will be waiting for you to pick them up!

Wed night  – Milano!

We left Forterocca this morning amidst sweet goodbyes and invitations to return! We have kids camps… your kids are such hard workers… We loved having you… come back!

We got to Milano and it was time for a quick tour of the castle and the Duomo (largest church in the city) then we broke off into teams to go exploring and shopping… all within a few streets radius from the church and 10 minutes from meeting place!

A few fun games of hacky sack waiting for the whole team to arrive, sitting in the grass right outside the castle… picturesque!

We checked in to our hotel (even though they say they have internet and Wi-fi… not so much!) I’m writing now on Wed night hoping to be able to push send when I get to the airport!

Dinner was at a Brazilian restaurant – oh my word! Amazing! It was all you can eat and believe me we did!

We went for one last serving of Italian Gelato and headed back to the hotel lobby for debriefing.

It’s been an amazing week. Our evening English class to help encourage students that are learning to speak English fell through. But your students haven’t lacked for some amazing times of incredible followers of Christ pouring into them. Sometimes our well laid plans just aren’t the ones God has in mind.

I had each student tell what they thought they were good at – what they thought they were going to pursue as a career and then for the class to encourage the gifts they saw in them.

Informative and encouraging!

Giorgio closed the debrief with a challenge! He too had plans for his life but they didn’t happen. You start from one point and then life brings you in to a different plan…it’s better and makes you understand it’s really in God’s hands.

He shared that he loved the story of Isaiah! He was a man that had certain beliefs and strong convictions. Isaiah started looking at his society and questioning – what if I become a main prophet, things will change… he goes to the synagogue and the last thing he expects is to meet God. Face to face.

He was just a man but still he was shocked! His life changes in a way that he says, “God, tell me what to do” After that God says I’m going to give you something to do… the worst career! I’m going to send you to a people that will stone you and reject you! A difficult and unrewarded career. But will you go for me? “Yes… here I am, send me”

Then think about the Waldesians – sending their strongest mentally, spiritually and physically sons to train to go out in to the world to most likely be martyrs for the faith.

Christian Education is not your faith. It if the background to your faith. It’s what bring you to your life plan that will eventually change. Your aspirations will be used by God. He will take them, flip them around and then put them in the right place. Our expectations are limited and small. I (Giorgio) studied music as a kid wanting to be a famous singer. Now, what I do reaches more people.   Really put your life in His hands and he can do amazing things. Nothing is too difficult. He is looking for followers…not planners. Lay down your expectations and meet him face to face.

There are many examples of people that did not just START well, but FINISHED well. Don’t be afraid to fail. God is grace! He will help you.

If you refuse to follow God and allow him to take the lead… you will go to the depths of despair. If you think now is the time to just live for myself – you will burn out.

I pray that each one of you will follow your dream as you protect your heart, stand for purity, and trust God for what’s next in your life.


We also prayed for Giorgio and his church and worship ministry! We pray that God will provided the money he needs to do ministry!

Evangelism in Italy is very difficult. And resources to do the ministry are almost nonexistent!

Many people deposited into your students.. Please pray for them as all Evangelical Ministries are struggling in Italy!

Eliazo and Paula of Forterocca and OM (Operation Mobilization)

Robert and Laura

Giorgio and his parents

Forterocca/ OM ministries


Believers that have gone before us and the testimonies of their faith under persecution






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