Hiking to the Cave of the Persecuted +more

Hi all,

I didn’t post last night as I felt it was more important spending the time in my cabin with the girls at that time…. so here I am catching up!

Yesterday was an amazing day for the team.

They hiked to one of the very first known Bible Colleges in the world!  The Waldesians felt it was so important to give God their very best so each winter they would send their ‘best’ son – strongest, in mind, body, and spirit, every winter for 4 years.  Then those sons would be sent out into the world to evangelize knowing they would probably give their lives for Christ.

Then they hiked to the cave where the believers would have to hide – when the Pope’s army came to take their lives

They saw the cliff where the soldiers threw the people off the cliffs when they would not deny Christ

Parents stood there watching their children be murdered, yet they knew there was a greater joy waiting for them after death so they still did not recant their faith.

This really impacted the team.

  • Would I be willing to do something like that?
  • What love and focus the believers had knowing that was the greater treasure – the kingdom of God
  • What would it be like to be hunted down for my faith.
  • What would that be like to relocate, give up everything I was accustomed to because of my faith
  • The struggle it was to crawl through the small opening – just to check it out –  yet there was no choice for the believers.. it was life or death for them… and for some… they still found them and burned them out in the cave!


Would I have enough faith to stand firm in the face of persecution?   It’s a hard question when we honestly take a look at our own lives and realize –

We don’t live our lives in the way that “says” … I would give it all up for the sake of Christ!

Material things are way more important than spending quality time with my Savior –

okay… we’re loading up the van –  I’ll continue on the next blog

Thanks for your prayers –  pray that everything these seniors have experiences will make a life long impression on their hearts towards giving and living it all for the Kingdom of God!


mrs g



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