Monday in Italy! Torino – Missionaires – A Challenge!

Torino – Missionaries – Challenge!

We switched our days and today the team went to Torino and walked their legs off! Experiencing the beauty of the architecture and being amazed at how old so many buildings and statues were! “Older than America” one said.   Well… older than colonized America! It was a fun day!

This evening we had Robert and Laura who are missionaries from the U.S. to Italy come and share their stories. He introduced his wife by reading Proverbs 31. It was so amazing and it truly impacted the students when he did that. Later when Laura shared her testimony she spoke about the fact when he did that it amazes her because she knows where she came from and is grateful for the power of God to change her life and now to give her life a fulfilling purpose.

They have been here 1 year and 8 months. Their testimonies are stories of God’s great redeeming love! Robert told us he was so excited that young people their age would care to come to Italy to experience a different culture and learn about how Christianity is doing in Italy! He told the students that it could change them. Robert and Laura are a part of community ministry – working through the church – helping the church to evangelize – Salvation Army Church – every day a soup kitchen – once a week food distribution –

Robert has a heart for sports. He was competing in rugby when he came to faith. He played sports for his whole life thinking he’d have to give that stuff up.

Robert and Laura show their neighbors and parents of the kids they coach, in a slow and easy way that they care about them.   It’s not a Christian camp they do but they spend time in prayer asking God to let them have an impact on the children’s lives and their families.

He said they can’t just street evangelize or quickly in a conversation go through the 4 Spiritual laws. They are so post Christianity that you would be labeled a weirdo and then no one would want to listen to anything you have to say. Relational ministry… one on one!

They minister to a lot of people from North Africa, lots of refugees from Albania, Morocco, and Romania.

Respectful of that fact that they come from Muslim, strict Catholic or post Christian families, but their desire is to show them that they love them and care about them – they also let the parents know they work on biblical foundations.

In the community through the school, and home they share the faith –

Robert challenged the students over and over to think about the gifts and talents they have. God uses those gifts to help you relate to people.

Debrief Remarks

  • Robert and Laura both blessed me! It really touched many of the students when Robert read Proverbs 31 to introduce his wife!
  • The beauty of the mountains and this Pellice Valley we are staying at. It seems so untouched by major technology and fancy buildings, houses, cars, etc.
  • Finding out that in France and a couple more European countries it is now illegal to have summer youth camps. This is where many ministries would be able to share the gospel to the youth. They are afraid that it’s coming to Italy!
  • Giorgio challenged the team to enjoy their Christian freedoms and to fight for them because it’s coming their way one day that they won’t have as many. Look at Europe… that is what it will look like.
  • Getting to work yesterday and knowing it really made a big difference to the people here at the base.
  • I’m challenged about my faith, I’m pretty complacent. I want to work on that and be more intentional in being able to share the gospel
  • How Christ needs to be the center in our lives – apart from that there’s no meaning to everything we do – everything I do is empty if I don’t do it for Christ … Robert’s message affirmed that.
  • I am a lot more relaxed here, just the environment. Everyone’s not rushing around, worrying about getting things done! They are happy with what they have!
  • They live modestly!
  • We are very fortunate and we forget that!
  • After listening to Robert and Laura, I’ve got to think about what I’m going to do with my life!


It was a great night! Afterwards there were games, another run to the store/café/local game room for some more ice cream, cokes and maybe a little Italian Karaoke!


Pray for tomorrow.   The whole day will be focused on the Waldensian people that hid in the caves, their Bible School and where they were martyred. It should be an amazing day! Pray for the team as they hike in the mountain, and be challenged again about:


  • stories of fellow believers that would not compromise the gospel and it cost them their lives
  • their own gifts and their future
  • their personal walk with Christ


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