He is Risen…He is Risen, Indeed!

He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!


It was a beautiful sunny Easter morning! We joined the Salvation Army church in the neighboring town. For their Easter service, 7 members of their congregation gave dramatic monologues of the last words significant moments before Christ died! Even though we didn’t understand the language, knowing the story well we could still follow along. In between the monologues we sang corresponding hymns in Italian! It was a special time!

What an experience to be half way around the world celebrating the most important day with fellow believers. We didn’t understand each other, but we both understand what Jesus did for all of us.

After lunch, we did our work project for the ministry here! We mended broken appliances, moved a whole room set up. Turned an eating room into a dance studio. Vacuumed, mopped, raked leaves, moved tables, cleaned refrigerators (boys did) (moms I have pictures – no more excuses) and even more. We worked for about 4 hours… hard!   Elisha the coordinator was ecstatic! He kept saying over and over, “This would have taken us 2 weeks and here your team has it done in a few hours. It is such a blessing to us”

Our kids got to go down to the Art festival and see the pieces that the students have been working on for the past 3 months. A.MA.ZING!

Jacob and Taylor (and a few followers) took an afternoon run through the village to stay in shape for their regional track meet that happens when we return! (Mr. Sherrill … you would love the view they had)

Tonight Elisha and Paula shared about the ministry here and about the Christian church in general in Italy! No one was allowed to have their own Bible in their own language until the middle 1950’s!   That was news to me! Our guide Giorgio’s parents were missionaries here in Italy to their own people!

There are not enough evangelical churches that are preaching God’s word! It is post Christianity here! People don’t even care to hear about the gospel! See no need…see no need to even be interested!   It’s a very difficult battlefield.

Jacob joined Giorgio leading us in worship tonight. Jacob on the guitar and Giorgio on the piano! It was really sweet!

Tomorrow we were going to hike to the cave where the believers hid in the 16th century but it’s supposed to rain a monsoon. So we’re going to Torino!

We’ve had a couple of student feel a little down today (maybe a little altitude sickness) , one with allergies and I’ve got one really getting over a bad throat! Please pray for God’s healing touch on them. They are troopers! I don’t want them to miss anything!

He is Risen…. He is Risen, Indeed! Proclaim it to the nations!


Mrs. g



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