Forterocca – At Last!

It has seemed like a long journey but we are finally here at Forterocca Mission Base !

After what seemed like forever we finally met up with our JE guide Giorgio and our bus driver Roberto at the airport.  There’s nothing like being in a foreign country and seeing your name “Summit Christian Academy” on a hand held sign!

We loaded our luggage and we headed to Torino for lunch – Italian Pizza (too rainy for the walking tour) and then gelato! Yum!  Oh, and by the way, Pepperoni here – is a pizza with vegetable peppers on it… a USA pepperoni is salami pizza!  Note to self!

Austin Texas –  Friday 8:00a –  Austin Bergstrom Airport   –   Saturday 4:30p  Forterocca –    26 hours


We are in our rooms, taking showers, relaxing before dinner and devotionals! 

I’m writing this a looking out my window at the clouds hovering over the trees and crevices in the mountains! It’s a beautiful raining day!   The ride from Torino to our lodging was pretty nice! Although, I have to take the word of Mr. Miller – he’s the only one who stayed awake the whole time!  Grayson and I joined him for the last 30+ minutes!  Amazing! Many times you could imagine yourself in a different time with the homes and the slate roofs and the sheep in the fields and the narrow passes!

Here we go!  Thank you for your prayers!  (I would ask that you go ahead and pray for our return flights… no crying babies!)  The 8 hour flight had 2 very loud screaming (not exaggerating) babies!  Makes for a long tiring trip for everyone! Attendants included!

BUT, we are here, safe and sound, ready to start a great adventure!

mrs g

“be blessed and highly flavored you are the salt of the earth”



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2 thoughts on “Forterocca – At Last!

  1. Owen McGonnell (lexie's GF)

    Ginger, Bless you for taking these new saints to see the world they are serving! I sent this message to Lexie earlier but was not sure she would see it. Maybe you could pass it on? Thanks- Lexie, Good morning on this Resurrection Sunday (that is, afternoon, for some lucky people!)! Imagine- if Jesus had not been raised from the dead, it would mean that His sacrifice had not been acceptable to our Father, our sins would not have been forgiven, the power of sin would not have been broken in our lives, we would not be able to love one another as we do, we would still not be able to enter heaven, the Holy Spirit would not have come to earth to be our voice and source of strength for doing right and resisting temptation, the church would not have been born, we would not be able to trust anthing in the Bible, Jesus would not be seated at the Right Hand of the Father, Jesus would not be coming again, and we would not have eternal life with Him because He would still be in the grave.
    BUT- Since our Father always completes what He starts, is completely Faithful and Trustworthy, is our Victory over sin and death for us as has was for Jesus our Savior, then we can Rejoice with the Body of Believers on earth and all the saints and angels in Heaven, and rejoice with the Father and the Spirit of God that sin has no victory in us, we are clean in our Father’s eyes, He will continue to perfect us and our witness here, preparing us for the greater works our Savior said we would do, granting us peace in our hearts with Him and for others, being confident in eternal security now so that we can show it to others, having a reason for the Joy we have, …. and have all the spiritual blessings in heaven that Jesus, who went first to show us the Way, gave us, along with “everything we need for life and Godliness”, …. and all because today He Rose From The Grave, like He said He would!!!
    We have confidence that our sins are forgiven, that our Heavenly Father sees us as wonderfully acceptable, has work for us to do here, and can hardly wait for us to finish the work He set out for us from before the beginning of time, so that He can greet us with a Father’s open arms when our work is done!
    Until then, my sister is Christ, labor on in His Name, joyfully knowing you (and all there with you) are blessed by our Father, and a blessing to the ones you will serve today.
    We love you and I love you, and we can because our Risen Savior Rose Today! Hallelujah! He is Risen indeed!

    • I will certainly have Lexie and the whole team read your words of truth! What a wonderful gift he has given us… hope, eternal life, and joy everlasting ! He is Risen Indeed!

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