Wednesday – Impacting through service, prayer and ministry!

   Today we thought we were going to Rattan, but ended up going to another Head Start school that is getting ready for accreditation. We were working on the grounds and the playground cleaning up and giving everything a fresh look. We painted the hand rails, raked the yard (about 5 times-ask Max the miracle ‘raker’), scrubbed the playground equipment (playscapes, toys, wagons, swing set), and removed broken tree limbs (that were damaged during the ice storms). We finished early, and it was a beautiful day, so went back by the Endangered Ark Foundation, and the elephants were out! They were beautiful and really neat to see! Then we came back to the cabins and had some free time, which everyone seemed to need. It was actually a wonderful time, just the kids getting to spend time with each other and get to know each other more. Great fellowship and enjoying the beautiful camp grounds and lake.

   Then after a quick taco dinner at the camp, we left for New Life Family Church in Boswell where we were helping with the Wednesday night children’s outreach ministry. This ministry reaches out to the community and provides a Bible lesson, songs, and a hot meal every Wednesday. Our story tonight was on Zaccheus. Justin introduced us all, Codie (our natural full-of-life song leader) led the songs, and Troy read the Bible story while others worked the stick puppets. Then Justin did an amazing job at retelling the story in a very animated way that had everyone captivated, and showed how it applies to each one of us. We sang some more songs, then Baylee introduced our craft, which the kids absolutely loved! During craft time, all the students were helping and talking with the kids. Laura jumped in and was really connecting with all of the kids and being a great encouragement to them. Rachel O, Rachel L, Max, Amber, Danielle, Robert, and Baylee were all sitting and coloring with the kids helping them with their craft and getting to know them and their stories. Rosie, Catherine, and Danielle were amazing at setting up the crafts and resetting the room for Sunday morning service. It was a great but heart wrenching experience to see what these kids face every day, and we pray that we had an impact on them tonight. Then after the kids left, we closed in prayer, praying over Pastor Rick and his family and ministry.

     Then we came back to the camp and had debrief, and even though everyone was very tired, they were so amazingly affirmative to each other and really expressed how the trip had moved them. The overall theme of the week seems to be when we learn to use the gifts God has given us, we accomplish more and bless others and glorify God. We wrapped up the debrief with these verses: Romans 12:6-8, 20. Verse 20 says, “Be devoted to one another in love, honor one another above yourselves.”…We challenged to think about…what this means, and how would their life look if they lived this every day?


We will be leaving Hugo tomorrow between 9 and 10, and will have the students call 30-45 min out. Weather and traffic conditions permitting, we will be home between 430-530.

Our track kids made it back home – pray they have a successful day at the district track meet.  We missed them tonight (Carrie, Shelby, Gabby, Becca, E.J. Cody and Chris)

A BIG Thank you to my leaders … Judy Burns, Sean Miller, Sam Mata, Jessica Smith and my student leaders … Becca Anderson and Chris Cothran


mrs. g

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