Movin’ Dirt! Saving Lives!

It was a beautiful windy day…. We now know WHY that line is in the song… when the wind comes sweepin’ cross the plain’   wowza!


A team of 7 finishes the painting at the Sopra Head Start! It looks like a new building! Seeing the little ones playing out on their clean playground was very satisfying! When they finished they joined the rest of the group at Boswell Head Start.

The work at Boswell

  • Cleaning out the sand box and adding new sand
  • Cleaning the grass and weeds out of the playground
  • Painting the rails going into the playground
  • Painting the purple ‘bouncy see-sawie thingy’
  • Cleaning the Tea Cup
  • Cleaning the paint station
  • Moving LOTS of red dirt and filling in around the two new storm cellars for the Head Start (this took all day)
  • Raking and bagging leaves and trash
  • Removing a pile of concrete pieces and rocks and wood
  • Unloading all the trash, rocks, bags of leaves, and concrete pieces into the dumpsters!


We went to the Hugo cemetery (it is a tourist stop) to see where Lane Frost (8 seconds) and Freckles Brown (bull rider) are buried and to see the Circus section! Let your student explain it.

We had dinner at Braum’s … an hour of resting… the track stars practiced for the district meet.

Then we practiced for tomorrow night’s ministry at New Life Family Church in Boswell, Oklahoma! We will do the whole children’s service! Songs, skits, games and the story of Zaccheus! Please pray for our students as they are ‘running the whole ministry’ time.


It was another day of hard work but the students enjoying it and really working together! As a leader, it’s exciting to hear them talk about how much they enjoyed working together and accomplishing a lot together! It really was amazing!

One of the students was asked by a little girl, “Why are you here?” The student told her what we were doing, then asked her if she knew Jesus. The little girl replied that she did. Then our student asked, “Is there anything I can pray for you?” “Yes, my dad is in prison!”   It was very sobering for our student and for the rest of the group as it was shared tonight.

Again, Donnie and Paige were blown away by the hard work and determination of this group!

The leaders and students alike agree… the willingness to do the job and to do it well … it’s a different class from last year. This class has taken pride in every project put in front of them. Today we thought we were done with putting the dirt around the storm cellars. We asked Donnie and Paige to come and ‘check off’ the work. The students were already in the playground ready to move rocks. We were told, it’s not enough dirt ( a group had been working at it all day) to leave the top of the concrete exposed more than an inch was enough for the force of the tornado to lift the shelter out of the ground and risk the lives of everyone in the shelter. The kids came back and tackled the project with a tenacity that made us all so proud. No complaining, in fact, taking very serious the need to finish it and finish it well! In the end, Rachel Olson said it best!  I felt like what we were doing really counted, we were saving lives!

Even the students at the school commented on how hard our students were working and what a great job they were doing. (Boswell Head Start, Elementary, Jr. High and High school are all together on the same campus)

Tomorrow we head to Rattan, Oklahoma to work at another Head Start – we’ll be cleaning another playground area and the equipment and staining wood!

5 of the 10th graders and the 2 student leaders will be coming home tomorrow so they can compete in District Track! Please pray for Mrs. Schaible as she is helping us get the students back home! Pray for safe travels and for a great track meet on Thursday!

Saving lives.. it’s a sober thought really and yet as followers of Christ it’s one that really should weigh on our hearts all of the time.  We know that as we are painting, cleaning, bagging, and doing all the chores Little Dixie needs us to do to help clean up around the Head Start buildings, we hardly ever  get to share the gospel with anyone.  However, we know we are affecting the people we are serving. When parents come pick up their little ones and  ask who we are and why we are there, we know that right then, our story and our service just might compel someone to seek out this Jesus! Maybe they haven’t been to church in a while and it reminds them of a relationship they have neglected for a long time. Maybe the workers inside the building will be ministered to by our actions.  The name on the side of our van let’s people know we are followers of Christ and seeing young people work and work hard – it’s impressive!  We pray over our projects and while we’re working. We know God answers prayers.  We never know who God is going to use or how he is going to use them to bring Christ in to their situation.  But when you hear the students  pray for the safety of the children, etc. and then hear their thoughts after a long hard day you just know God is going to answer prayers.  It feels good to be a part of his plan for the people he loves!


mrs. g






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