God is SOOO Good!

We made it safe and sound. We arrived about 5:00 p.m. unloaded and headed to Wal-Mart! (It is THE shopping place here in Hugo… just sayin’)   My phone does NOT work here. I can receive text but Sprint doesn’t work to make or receive calls. I bought a ‘go phone’ but haven’t set it up yet. I’ll be sending another email out with my Hugo cell number!

Thank you for your prayers because God was definitely watching over us! After lunch we got back on the road, in the rain, heading towards Oklahoma. As we were driving over a bridge a car drove past us and went ahead but all of a sudden they began hydroplaning. They slammed into the concrete wall and spun 180 and then they began sliding towards our right lane. This whole time we quickly and carefully slowed down praying they would not slide back into us. The car stopped leaving us enough room to slowly and carefully pass on the right.

We pulled up and out of the way. Myself and Mr. Mata and Jessica Smith ran back to check on them. (calling 911) Praise God, no scratches, just shaken up BAD! We asked if we could pray for them. The husband said, YES! PLEASE! Right there we held hands prayed thanking God for saving them and protecting them. Please continue to pray for Missy and her husband Shashawn. God truly had his angels watching over them and us, guiding us all!

Another man (James) helped push the car to the side out of the way. And another gentleman stayed with them till the Emergency vehicles arrived.

The cabins are beautiful! We’ve had a great dinner. We’re settling in and doing our evening devotionals.

Please pray for the rain to go away and to come another day! Pray for your students to take advantage of their quiet times, devotionals and evening debriefs.

Talk to you tomorrow


Mrs. G



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