Praying for the Nations – The Evening at the Memorials

We can pray for the nations anywhere, but it’s really powerful to be able to pray for them in front of their embassy here in Washington D.C. We are divided into our groups with assigned blocks on Embassy Row. Within the blocks are embassies of nations all over the world.

We walked and prayed for:

Their relationship with other nations

The freedom of religion


The Gospel to be shared/ mission work

Leaders of the nation- the decisions made – for the good of their people

Whatever God lays on the heart of the person praying

It was fun for Mr. Smith’s group to be able to go to Paraguay with Maria and for her to pray specifically for her own country! AND in Spanish! A very special time

The team that went with Mr. MacLeod went to International Dr. This is a very different kind of prayer walking situation. The nations that are side by side don’t necessarily like one another making it an interesting thing to see. They also got to see a small ‘political demonstration’ in front of the Egypt embassy.

This evening we walked the war memorials and the Lincoln memorial.

It was a precious time for me as the class had purchased a wreath to leave at the Texas pillar in honor of my dad who recently passed away! It was beautiful, with blue ribbons and blue flowers (that looked similar to bluebonnets) Blue was my dad’s favorite color! It also had the T patch from his infantry! It was very moving for me. A wonderful memory I will always treasure!

WWII memorial – the gold stars representing the hundreds of lives lost! The incredible quotes around the memorial! The rope representing the whole nation coming together and standing up for the rights of others! Our men fought in the Pacific campaign and the Atlantic campaign.

Vietnam Wall – Mrs. Castello’s father fought in that war so on the walk over to the memorial she was able to share from a very personal perspective. It made the experience even more meaningful for many of the students. It’s so moving seeing all the names…thousands of them. Being the only war where the men and women came home and were not honored, in fact just the opposite. Many of the students had never heard that. Naomi was able to get a couple of names of her grandfather’s friends that were on the wall. It was quite an ordeal getting the ladder, etc. but in the end a very special moment for her and those helping her.


Korean Memorial – Stunning. It was a favorite of many of the students. This quotes at the Korean memorial.

Our Nation Honors Her Sons And Daughters Who Answered The Call To Defend a Country They Never Knew And A People They Never Met –  1950 Korea 1953

That quote really summed it up for many.

We ended the day at the Lincoln Memorial and Mr. MacLeod reading the 2nd Inaugural Address. We came away from the evening knowing we are so grateful to live in this great nation. We are in awe of the men and women who have fought for freedoms here in America and the freedom of others around the world. We are thankful for the countless heroes that all the memorials stand for.

We all struggled being able to articulate how grateful we are and how moved we are by the sacrifice of others.

Tomorrow we tour our nation’s Capital and then we go to Arlington to Lay the Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier! It will be another impactful day!

Thank you for your prayers!

Mrs. g




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One thought on “Praying for the Nations – The Evening at the Memorials


    Thank you for your prayers for my country. I`m Maria`s father, from Paraguay. And also Thank you for helping my doughter to become a good christian.

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