How do you save a broken world?

Today was an amazing day – We attended/participated in 3 separate events/exhibits at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.  The first person series with Henry Greenbaum, a holocaust survivor! The ‘They Were Neighbors” exhibit and the Holocaust Exhibit! (Get your student to tell you about Henry – we all loved him – an 85 year old survivor of the Holocaust)

I don’t even know how to do the debriefing justice! It was intense, sweet, sad, thought provoking, intimate, gut wrenching…

It was a long debrief session because we had really spent the whole day in the Holocaust Museum!

Hearing the first person testimony and seeing the Holocaust exhibits you can’t help but ask the question? How did this happen? Did anyone care? Where were the people that would stand up against injustice? Did anyone try to help? What motives and pressures led so many individuals to turn a blind eye… or to report? Why did others make the choice to help?

Collaboration & Complicity – Some Were Neighbors – it’s a small but important new exhibit and it takes a look at the decisions of lifelong friends, family members, neighbors that either helped or felt it their duty to ‘turn in’ and abandon their fellow human beings. It made each one of us think about our own lives and how would we respond?

Just a few comments from the day/evening/

  • I try to block things out – important to put yourself in those people’s shoes – you won’t get there but should try – at every exhibit – try to think…what if that was me… family.. sister … friends what if that happened to me… horrific   we won’t be able to comprehend it…   I was a little angry – I’ll never be able to feel anything remotely close to give them what they deserve
  • it was frustrating the way some people there were acting – there were people who were rushing through it – having irrelevant conversations   =   on the other side – there was this mother walking down a display with two kids – little boy knee high – asking these question – did all these people die? Yeah a lot of people – it was touching to see – almost made me cry to see this little kid learning about that …
  • I saw this one response of a follower of Hitler “I will blindly follow Hitler to the end of the earth” –   that is terrifying –
  • The question to Henry – “Did you lose your faith during your experience?” his answer really moved me – he never gave up his faith – I get mad at God – about silly things – I realize how we are all so selfish – we take it all for granted – it really should not be hard at all to keep our faith – we’re not going through anything like that
  • The pile of shoes – every one of those shoes was a person – they had hopes, dreams, hates, fears, favorite colors, they are dead – so important to remember – so it never get repeated … things like that are happening right now- not enough awareness on any level –
  • when we first went into the They Were Neighbors Exhibit .. think about  hiding Jews– why were people complacent – if you think about that – first you think, of course I would hide the Jews– that is not at all what the  vast majority did– you have to think…  you have just sentenced yourself to death – are there … am I that compassionate that I would let my family die for someone we didn’t know?… there’s no doubt that not doing good things – was the  worse decision – but could I do it?  I don’t know?
  • We hear that we have to learn from our mistakes so history doesn’t repeat itself. That doesn’t work because history does repeat itself…  Rwanda, Armenia, Syria, Apartheid, Christians in Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, etc. etc.

Then I loved what Dave MacLeod shared…

…   the conclusion – there is a solution – it is Jesus – he is the only solution – you want to solve slavery – bring Jesus to the world – end racism – bring Jesus – Jesus is the way … the only way is by bringing Christ to the world

He is the way … the life… the truth …    these things happen because they don’t have, know the truth…

Bring him to the people that you meet!   I don’t do enough on a daily basis … to bring Christ to the world Romans 9 talked about Paul laboring over the Jews to be saved ..

The world is a horrible place where the light of Jesus does not shine!

Please pray for your student and for what God has done and is doing in and through their life this week. We ended the evening praying in our small groups.  I can’ t speak for the other 3 groups but I know in mine there was brokenness, repentance, thankfulness for God’s grace and commitments to pursue Christ and to let this week really change them to be people that will make a difference!

Tomorrow we prayer walk Embassy Row and the War Memorials ending at the Lincoln at dusk! Pray for health, strength and divine moments!

The prayer time on Embassy Row can be powerful.. please pray that we will pray God’s heart for the nations!


Impacting Our World Together!

Mrs g

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