Snow Day! ! !

snow… snow…snow…snow…snow…

What an amazing sight … Mount Vernon … covered with snow!

It is hard to write tonight – to try to put in adequate words – what the students shared about today’s experiences. New insight, the things discovered, opinions expressed, thought provoking concepts … you would be proud – convicted – amazed – humbled!

So… background of the day –

  1. We road the ‘Spirit of Mount Vernon’ small cruise boat on the Potomac to Mount Vernon – It started snowing before we even embarked on our trip
  2. We toured Mount Vernon – Home – the Learning Center – We Fight for Freedom Film Washington’s Tomb – the plantation’s slave monument – the period re-enactment of George Washington’s personal man servant (Christopher)
  3. The ride back on the boat
  4. The American History Museum
  5. Dress up dinner at the Vantage Point Restaurant
  6. Debrief


Being able to walk on the same grounds that our first President owned and walked on

Looking into the room where he died

Standing within a few feet of the first Presidental office chair – walking the same halls he walked… that’s crazy!

So here are some thought that were shared – it makes me weep to think about the fact that our kids are brilliant, insightful, fun, caring, passionate…. Just to name a few

  • George Washington – to see what his natural life was like and to realize what a huge impact he was on our country – how he struggled with the concept of slavery – he fought for our freedom, yet he owned slaves – how I thought he was like a comrade to his slaves because we learn that he worked along side them – but after hearing Christoper (period actor) talk, I realized he was no comrade – he was a slave ‘owner’
  • When Christopher was asked – did George treat him kindly – he closed his umbrella and gave an amazing monologue on ‘the life of a slave’ there’s no such thing as being treated kindly when you are owned by someone else. That interaction time was spontaneous but it grew a crowd and it impacted the lives of all our students and leaders
  • All the small bits of history at the Smithsonian – that you never knew about – it’s important – yet had you not gone to the museum you would have never known about it.
  • We’ve seen and heard some intense things today – do I even give it the proper amount of concern and thoughts put into those thoughts?
  • It’s fun for me to talk about religion and politics, I like hearing all difference sides, it broadens my horizons and benefits me.
  • What kind of legacy are we going to leave
  • 200 years from now – what things will people look at from our time period and ask “why did they do that?
  • Seeing Old Glory at the museum
  • I can’t wait to go to the Holocaust Museum tomorrow!
  • I tend to get angry… it takes courage to look at all these things and feel them as much as they should be felt.
  • We are moved by the injustice of slavery back in Washington’s day – but it’s going on today – human slavery – human trafficking – we judge how the people responded years ago… but what are we doing today to stop the tragedy going on today

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface! It was a powerful night!

Please pray for your student and their classmates;

  1. They will allow the Holy Spirit to use the things they are seeing and experiencing and change them forever
  2. Tomorrow’s Holocaust Museum experience will just build upon what they have already experienced this week
  3. Their experiences this week will build their character – they will be people of great faith, honest, full of integrity
  4. They will desire to know God’s will for their live
  5. That we would be reminded of the glorious things we each have in Jesus Christ
  6. Pray for each of us as we walk through the Holocaust Museum
  7. Continued safety and health for the team
  8. Students will have open hearts to be challenged and changed for the kingdom of God!


Tomorrow we will go to the Holocaust Museum (after we have a much needed later start to the day) We will hear a first person’s interview. A guest that experienced first hand the Holocaust 70 years ago. We will hear their testimony! This has always been a very powerful experience.


It’s late … my heart is full …


Mrs g



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One thought on “Snow Day! ! !

  1. Liz Swanson

    Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time! I’m so glad I can read about it through this blog! Thank you for doing this even while you must be exhausted! That junior class really is an amazing group. I love and am praying for you all 🙂

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