Washington D.C. – Prayer – Impacting a Nation

It was an early start (2:45am) to a great day in our nation’s capitol!  Everyone made it to the school/airport in time!  With a meticulous airline agent, we were certainly glad we were there when the gates were opened!  The flights went off without a hitch!  We made it through a little bit of metro card frustration and our D.C. prayer journey began.

Our hotel is perfectly located 1 1/2 blocks from the metro station making it really easy to get around town.  After lunch in ‘the neighborhood’ we headed to our National Mall to pray!  Thomas Moye (former SCA student who now works in D.C.) helped give the ‘lay of the land’ as we got off at the Smithsonian Mall stop and we took photos of the team with the Capitol building in the distance then headed to the Washington Monument.  Thomas gave us the history about the memorial and I think the most wonderful thing is at the very top of the obelisk on the side that faces the east it is inscribed – Praise be to God.  Thomas shared… it’s really everywhere, the evidence of God in the birth of this nation.  We broke into our groups and prayed for our time here, for God to guide us, to direct our leaders and to give us opportunities to bless our nation and other nations through prayer.

Dinner was at an amazing hamburger place in Georgetown followed by D.C. Cupcakes (kind of disappointing – we were at the end of their night – not many cupcakes left)

Debriefing was fun – catching up with each other… hearing about the fun things –

  • just being able to hang out with each other outside of school  – girls having girl time – guys having guy time
  • seeing the buildings/ monuments / Smithsonian’s / White House / Capitol  – and knowing we’ll get to really spend time at them this week
  • most everyone is excited about going to the Holocaust Museum this week!  This can be a pivotal moment for many of them
  • it might snow!
  • Thomas joining us –  as one leader said – it’s exciting to see someone that was a former student and see their life now – and how they have grown into a solid person and are honoring God with their life – it’s very encouraging and wonderful to see it!  We as their former teachers, mentors – we love it!
  • it might snow!

Parents, friends, teachers please pray for us

  • God would direct our itinerary moment by moment –  We leave our itinerary flexible with the ability to move things from day to day, we’ve seen God do wonderful thing when we’ve left room for him to orchestrate the exact daily schedule
  • Pray for the students to truly bond together – to honor one another – to appreciate one another – to serve one another
  • Pray for our health – it’s really cold – and we’re out in the weather
  • Pray for those divine moments that we as leaders have to encourage, equip and empower these incredible students
  • Pray for us to be examples of God’s love to others.

At this point our schedule has Mount Vernon first thing in the morning – by way of the Spirit of Freedom Cruises – it’s a boat ride up the Potomac to Mount Vernon –  we are able to be indoors on the boat the whole journey, however the river needs to be calm.  Also, snow is fun, but not so much with the walking we need to do.  There is a powerful short movie on George Washington.  Many times over it has impacted our leaders and students.  Pray it does the same again.

Thank you for your love and support.  I love these kids and consider it an honor to be able to be here with them in our great nation’s capitol.

Thank you to Jeff Smith, Dave MacLeod, Nan Castello – for taking time out of your busy schedules to invest in the lives of our students

Impacting our World Together

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One thought on “Washington D.C. – Prayer – Impacting a Nation

  1. Elisha

    Praise be to God my class is impacting the world! I pray yall are blessed and yall continue to discover God and yourselves. I’m with yall in spirit and continue to leave God’s mark in the world. Love all of yall!
    With Love,

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