Let there be lights… and more lights… and more lights…

Everywhere you look… lights…and more lights…

We started off the day with spending time re-reading through Matthew 4.  There was hardly a better place to do that than on the grounds of Camp Tejas.  Picture this… cool crisp air, dew on the grass, tall pines, large oak trees, the sun on the horizon, the ripples in the water as the breeze blew across the water…. God’s word in your hand… nice!

Our work day began with finishing the light maze!  There are rules to wrapping the lights – only green going perpendicular to the wall and clear going vertical – only 8 strands to an outlet – no space between the strands . . .  but we did accomplish it!  As the time was passing but the temperature was getting cooler, it was harder to stay motivated. (you know that moment when you are thinking, “I can’t hang another strand of lights”)  Audrey always seems to come up with the best idea for a competition to motivate everyone…   We finished the task!   (Audrey’s team won and I will say mine came in second)

Then… on to more ‘stringing of the lights’.  These kids are troopers I’m telling you!  Tomorrow we will be working indoors finishing putting together the larger Christmas trees – the 9ft and 12ft trees!

This evening for devotionals we read John 4.  Jesus with the woman at the well.  I love this story because it shows us that Jesus takes us right where we are and offers salvation, healing, hope.  He doesn’t tell us- go get yourself together and come back and we’ll talk. It’s not about us getting our act together so we can have a relationship with  Jesus, it’s about how his incredible love and sacrifice has done it all –  we by faith believe in him, allow him to be Lord of our life … then our amazing journey of hope begins…

The small group time was a time of sharing where each one was with their relationship with Christ – letting each of us know how we can support and pray for one other.

Debriefing was fun, everyone sharing their favorite moments, or things that they got to do.

We have had fun! We have worked hard! We have laughed hard!  God is good! The heaters are wonderful in our cabins   ! ! !   just sayin’!

We’ll see you at the campus around 3 tomorrow!

Mrs. G

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