Camp Eli – Romania!

The Summer Impact Team to Romania finished the week strong!  We are back near Wi-Fi for a day (amazing how much we depend on it) We had 15 children raise their hands saying they wanted to be followers of Christ – Pray they truly understand their decision and that they will be strong little soldiers for the kingdom of God!  They live in difficult situations!  They have been learning about the Armor of God this week!  Our team was fantastic!  Jessica, Saranee, Moriah and David were amazing sharing the teaching times along with me (Mrs. G)   Barret rocked it with his acting skills and drawings… Zach was in his element with the kids… in the mountains and leaving all the games… Mrs. Iverson and Debbie were awesome – loving on the children – helping wherever needed and being incredible prayer support!   Our team loved on those children and they loved back! Hope to post more real soon … we’re getting our thoughts together.

It was amazing – we are changed – we’re pretty tired!  Heading to the mountains after church tomorrow for a little rest and relaxation!  I’m having each student write a small piece and then I’ll post it to this blog!  Thank you for your prayers.  They sustained us – made the way for little ones to experience God’s love towards them!



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