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Across the Red River ….

Ooooooooooooklahoma! Where the…well, where there is no wind, currently. Not even much of a breeze.


We made good time to Oklahoma, stopping at In-and-Out—yum—as we went through Dallas, and arrived in Hugo around 5ish. We sorted our stuff into the cabins and started a highly entertaining game of Ultimate Frisbee.

The sophomores settled down to working on their ministry for Wednesday night. We will be working with the children and youth of a local church, so have divided into two groups to make plans. The secondary group will talk about the distractions that keep us from God; the elementary group has decided to share the story about Jesus walking on the water and our all-time favorite ministry song: “The Sea of Galilee.”

Besides that, there was tortellini to be had, spoons to be played, unexpected face painting to be done (several of our girls ended up with whiskers by the end of the night), and a soccer ball to be kicked into the lake, in a moment of…over-enthusiasm. Miss Bev and Mr. Wilson gave the students a little personal background and challenged them to push beyond their comfort zone this week to serve God however He asks, and then we were off to reading the story of Gideon (Judges 6-8), showers, and bed. Mrs. Lambert pulled in around 11:30pm (and there was much rejoicing in the land).

Please pray for us as we work with Little Dixie today. We believe God will do, already is doing, mighty things on this trip, but your prayer helps make it possible.

Joanna Knighten


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6th Grade Impact Trip, Day 2

Since yesterday was primarily games and devotions, today was all about service. We started it the day with a hearty breakfast of breakfast tacos, then we all piled in the van and went to Camp Tejas.

The very moment we arrived at the camp, we were assigned a work project – take 225 chairs out of a stable shed, unscrew the dingy cushions from the rusty frame, put the cushions in a pile to go the dump, put the screws in a pile to use in other places, and put all the frames back in the shed to be sold as scrap metal.

Immediately after receiving those instructions, every one of the 6th graders instantly found a way to help. Some helped unscrew the cushions, some made organized piles of the cushions, and some sorted screws.

Absolutely every student participated for every moment of the project. The project manager said that this project would take about two or two and a half hours to complete. They completed it in about 75 minutes.

After that, they helped clean up some of the prayer walking trails. They had to pick up sticks from the pathway and put them into burn piles. After making about eight piles along the pathway, they were told to take all the piles back up the trail to make one giant burn pile. Again, everyone immediately got to work, without a single complaint, and got the project done in less than a half hour.

After that, we had some lunch and played games until it was time to go home. On the bus ride home, the entire class decided to sing praise songs they had learned in chapel – until we stopped to debrief:

Most enjoyable moments:
● Singing songs on the bus ride home
● Getting to hang out with and have fun with new friends
● Playing Ping-Pong
● *Trying* to play pool

Spiritual Effects:
● The ripple effect – our project manager told us how our work at the camp would help the camp members. He described it as having a ripple effect. Our work would allow them to do more work in less time. If it was just him, it would have taken him hours on end.
● How God uses us to spread the gospel and show His love to others
● God’s power – “seeing how much we got done, it shows that we can do all things through God”

Even though this trip was short, the students feel that it has made a difference in their lives and helped them grow closer to God. Some of them even asked me when the 7th grade trip is next year so they could count down the days!

– David

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