Waking up … and heading home!

We will be leaving Bucharest at 2pm on KLM    Arriving in Amsterdam at 3:50pm    2 hours 50 min (time zone change)

Leaving Amsterdam at 4:50pm                               Arriving in Atlanta at 8:20 pm           9 hours 30 mins (extreme time zone change)

Leaving Atlanta at 9:57                                             Arriving into Austin at 11:33pm   Delta DL1837   (who cares about the time zone change)

I arrive with 14 students and one leader

I am leaving with ….

Everybody! 🙂

It has been a great trip –  one to be repeated! for sure!

Gerald and Kristen Ziemer and their family and their church family have been amazing to work with!  Their love and passion for the people of Romania – and their drive to bring others into the kingdom of God – inspiring!

Pray for your own child and for the whole class that they would guard what God has done in their hearts.  This is a time when many people will be called into a mission field vocation.  It doesn’t always look like what Gerald does.  There are so many ways someone can devote their life to glorifying God and making him known!

Thank you for this honor!

Mz G

(ginger lambert)

Notes from others –   I believe they have all written a thought or two –  we are boarding so I’ve got to hit publish and close up the computer  ….

Mr. Iverson    What a fantastic trip.  There is such a need for Christ in Romania.  My fondest memory is seeing the joy on the faces of the children at the “Kids Club” meetings as they were joining our group in singing “Give Me a J.”

Saranee: Romania was so much fun! Doing the kids ministry was such a blessing to do because the kids were so happy to see us play and minister to them. I have enjoyed making new Romanian friends.

Kim: Romania has been such a fascinating and fun trip! It is so eye-opening to see how other people live and relate to Christ. I loved being able to minister to the kids in a fun way and see how they responded with such pure and bold faith in God. It definitely encouraged and challenged me!

Deanna:  Seeing the people in Romania have such a fire for God definitely changed my relationship with Him.  I love seeing how we sing the exact same worship songs; the only difference was the language.  It really gave me a new perspective on everything.  For everyone in Romania:  Te iubesc!

Christian: I can genuinely say that this trip has changed my life. I thought I already knew so much about missions and about having a more global perspective, but I now know what it means to have a global perspective of being on mission for Christ. Seeing the passion of  all the people we have stayed with and met has showed me what it means to FOLLOW God. Man, I have so much more to say, but I’ll save all that for when we get back. Love you all.

Nick: Romania has changed my life, that might sound cliché, but it really has. This has been the best week of my life. For most people who go on mission trips, the goal is to bless those in the community however, on this trip I have been blessed and have learned so much more than I have brought. I cannot thank God enough for this experience, I will never forget anything I’ve learned on this trip, and I will be bringing this experience back to America for my everyday life.

Nathan: It is such a blessing to witness Mr. Gerald and Adi sacrifice their time and belongings to impact those who can barely sustain their own home. I think that because of this, I have much more to give than to take. I am so glad to have experienced God’s wonderful creation in Romania.

Barret:          From Romania

I’m surrounded by nature

God’s great creation

I had fun with friends

I am now extremely sore

It hurts when I laugh

Brandon: Romania has been a blast, the best trip by far. And that’s not just because this has been the only one that’s international. The fellowship with my class has been fantastic and my spiritual life has never been more real. The churches and kids we served were a ton of fun despite the language barrier and I sincerely hope I can return here some day soon.

Jordon: This has turned out to be nothing at all like what I had expected. And that is amazing. I have loved every part of this trip, even the long and sometimes painful bus trips and the 36+ hours without sleep has been way more than worth it. The ministry with children has made an unthinkable impact on my life that I never even began to expect, and I am coming out of this with a completely different view on missions and life in general. Seeing Gerald and Adi communicate with and interact with not only the kids but also the teenagers and the adults inside and outside of the church is just amazing to see. Everything they do they do with enthusiasm and completely for God. The Romanian people themselves have taught me far more than I thought I could have ever taught them, which I certainly didn’t expect. The people are all so joyous and fun loving and God-centered and even with their circumstances have such a happy outlook on life because of Christ and what Gerald and Adi have done fore them. This week has been one of the best of my life, and I have come to the point of trying to plan a revisit sometime in the future; that would be a dream!

Zach: This trip has been unbelievable. Everything, from the ministry to the adventures, has been fun and at the same time, life changing. I had the opportunity to work with a missionary named Gerald and a pastor named Adi, and through this, I have grown more than I could have even imagined. They have helped me to see a new way to look at life. I have always tried to live my life well and remember Christ in what I do, but that falls far short of what God wants with my life. Now I truly understand what it means for Christ to live through me. I can not wait to come back!

I believe God has led us here so that we can, not only be thankful for what we have, but to understand what is truly important. The things that we need are much more humble than our desires. All we need is his guidance, and plenty of water.


I cannot begin to describe what this trip has done for me. God has showed me so much in such a short amount of time. I am extremely excited to see the changes we have made play out in our lives when we get back and I know for a fact that one way or another I will be back in Romania serving and glorifying the Lord with Gerald and his family. God is good and I am so blessed that I was able to come one this trip with my amazing peers.


Now I’m not one for writing, but I could go on for page after page about how this trip has changed me. I’ll try to keep it brief – The most spiritually changing moment of this trip was seeing the children in the impoverished villages worship and praise God with absolute abandon. They praised His name even though they had next to no earthly possessions. This has been an inspiration for me to start worshipping God with all my heart. The second most memorable part of this trip is bonding with the children. Even though there was a language barrier, we still played catch, still played volleyball, still made new relationships. This children and the memories I have made with them will be forever in my mind, and all the other things I have learned this past week have changed me for the better. I hope I get to come back soon.


I understand why these trips are called IMPACT trips. This week I have seen God work in so many ways and impact the community, the villagers, my class and myself. My heart has been more aware of the love of God and how He uses others for His glory. I have seen his power in his creation when I look at the gigantic mountains, running streams, and green valleys. Then I think if God created these great things and takes joy in them how much more does he love us, his creation, and designed us for greatness. I have seen so much joy in the people here and their passion to follow Christ and worship Him is truly inspiring and also convicting to me. It challenges me to not get caught up in the way we worship God like lights, genre, stage, etc. but to realize to main goal and focus is a connection with Him. This is a trip I will remember the rest of my life and I hope to come back to Romania in the future.


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One thought on “Waking up … and heading home!

  1. I have enjoyed reading your journal. This is such an amazing gift you are giving to these children. What a joy to know how God is using you and your gifting!

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