Over the suspension bridge and through the woods……

Today was a fun day!  On the way to Bran Castle in Transylvania (tourist name is Dracula’s castle).  We stopped a few times for ‘tourists’  photo ops…  walking across a suspension bridge, the largest natural earthen damn and a cemetery with an open crypt with bones ‘n skulls, (remains of WWI heroes).

The castle was very interesting, some artifacts from Romania’s Queen Mary and Princess Ileana and others.  Afterwards the students had so much fun bartering for ‘local’ (well mostly) goods to bring home.  Then off to Basov to walk around and then our hike through the woods to a waterfall!  It was really a fun day!  Gerald and Adi really gave up their day for our team to enjoy a different view of Romania!  Tourist stops, old town and God’s creation!

It has been an amazing trip!  I have been asking the students to pray about giving $ to Gerald and Adi for all they have done for us this week!  We came to serve them but seriously… they have done nothing but serve us!  It’s been a great time!  It is going to be such great fun to bless them in the morning during our debrief!

We’ve been invited back!  We want to come back! soon!

Tomorrow we will get up… debrief … bless … eat … head to the airport … see you soon!

Warning – I’m sure they will be ready to come home about Atlanta time, but right now, if I were to tell them we get to stay 3 more days… they would be so excited!

They have served hard, worked hard, played hard, ate a lot  – we’re coming home tired, with sore muscles, with some allergies, with some banged up chins, ankles and knees … but hey … who ever said serving Jesus was without its fun and bumps along the way!



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