Goin’ Muddin’ in Romania!

We loaded up to head out for two days of sight-seeing and experiencing more Romanian culture. As soon as Gerald got in to the van he turned to the kids and said, “Everybody out, we forgot something! You need to try to walk on water!”  What?  We headed to the lake and the kids took turns walking in the hamster ball – or tried to walk in the hamster ball on the small lake.  We also rode the zip line across the lake – (yes Mrs. Hensley, I did zip line – and did it safely )  It was a blast!

Then we headed to their Camp Eli (where they have summer camp for children from the orphanage). We stopped along the way and climbed small mountains – or large hills, explored the muddy volcanoes and the giant crevices! 

Their Camp is amazing and the kids enjoyed an intense game of soccer and we ended the evening with a camp fire!

Debriefing happened right after dinner…My heart truly has been so blessed by these students!

One after one they talked about the awesomeness of God – and experiencing it on the hikes and the exploration. 

I am having to borrow a computer to get this blog out…hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be able to get online and  have time to write more…

Pray for continued safety (we have had a few bumps and bruises from the games but all is well) and we’ll see you soon.

If you don’t hear from me until we’re in the airport… it’s because it is extremely difficult to get wifi or get online.



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