Hope – Speranța – Last day of Kids Klub

Another great day in Romania! News flash – the kids don’t want to come home….


I know, we have to stay on schedule, but it was really wonderful to  me that the student were sad about it being the last day of ministry! Some thought we were going to Camp Eli tomorrow for more ministry but we aren’t… it’s just a stopping point heading to Castle Bran on Wednesday!

Since it’s our last night here we are skipping the debriefing and will have a long one tomorrow night! The students are having one last game night with the youth!

David Hannah (my Impact Intern) asked to write the blog …

Today was a mixture of familiarity and new experiences.

The day started with a visit to Bucharest Christian Academy, where the children of our guide, Gerald, attend. We went there to visit with the senior class. All the students spoke English and it was a welcome break from the language barrier we have been struggling through for the last few day. We talked with the graduating class of only 6 students!

After just a few minutes of conversation, we quickly realized that we shared more in common with these students than we initially thought we would. We took the exact same Financial Peace course with Dave Ramsey (we both slept through most of it). We both like to hang out at the mall; we both enjoy playing pool.

And so, after a few days of ”Culture Shock,” we found a group who were exactly like us and were able to take a break from the stress of being in a foreign country.

But after lunch, we went to Valea Argovei to do our final ministry. This was the most culturally impacting village of our visit. Most of the home were made of mud bricks. The church there was just a single room, about the size of your average dining room. But that did not deter any of the believers in that village; there were 24 believers crammed into that tiny room, and they all praised and worshiped the Lord with all their hearts!

Most of the villagers had worn-out, dirty and tattered clothing; they smelled a bit because they could not afford to bathe regularly, yet our students loved on and played with these children as if they were no different than us. And truly, they weren’t. The only thing that separates us from these believers is where we live. We believe in the same God. We play the same games. And the students today understood this.

I wish we were debriefing tonight, because I can hardly wait to hear how God has revealed Himself to the class, even in the midst of absolute poverty. But I can say with absolute certainty that this day has forever changed who we are as a class, and enhanced our individual relationship with God.


We head to the camp in the morning, stopping off for lunch and a trip to the muddy volcanoes, then on to the camp.  It will be a day of sightseeing and relaxing and enjoying the mountains!

I agree with David. I wish we were debriefing tonight but the final fellowship with our Romanian co-workers was important. It has been an amazing time working with the Ziemer family and their church Hope-Speranța.

mrs. g

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