Pace – How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of those that bring good news… that proclaim peace!

Sunday in Romania –

When we entered the building everyone would stick their hand out – grab yours and say Pace   (sounds like paunch)   means Peace .

We were asked to come up front, I was asked to share briefly why we were there.  I explained who we were and that the introduction to Pace reminded me of Isaiah 52:.  How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news who proclaims peace.  We were honored to be there and  experience   that peace together with our Romanian brothers and sisters in Christ.   We had been asked to sing a song in the morning service so we chose He is Mighty to Save!  (We never had a chance to practice with the worship leader, but it worked)  Then James gave a brief 5 minute encouragement from the word on Proverbs 3:5-6.   It was a morning filled with special things, Sunday school class quoting scripture, singing 2 special songs, a quartet and then a guest speaker. The worship was amazing and the message was good (for those that could hear an interpreter).

After the service we split into two teams.  Gerald (missionary) told me that the worship leader wanted me (ginger) to bring two students and go with him to the small church service he leads after the morning service.  Kristen ( missionary’s wife) asked me if I thought my students would be able to do the kids club without me.  No problemo!  They are so talented and they are taking this ministry time seriously, and they know what they are doing and Mr. Iverson was going to be with them.

Team Chicken Coup-  So Zach, Taylor myself and our guide Ed had lunch in the home of Audi and Nikki, then Nikki stayed with her children and we all went to the small church.  It had been a chicken coup! No joke!  and they closed it in and made a small church that holds 20-25 people (squished).  Zach and Taylor and I rode with the interpreter (the worship leaders sister-in-law). When we got there… we saw they were right!  It was the smallest church I believe I’ve ever seen.  But the big presence of God was there.  It was a sweet time of worship, sharing testimonies and hearing the Word of God.  Afterwards Audi (worship pastor) shared his vision for an area that has 5,000 villages that have no evangelical church.  He wept. We were humbled by his passion and were honored to be able to pray for him and the vision God had given him!  Afterwards we drove back to Audi’s home and Nikki had prepared snacks (brownies, chips and biscotti and hot tea!  Audi entertained us with his accordion, his children sang and then we just visited for 4 hours until the other team returned.  It was a precious time together with brothers and sister in the Lord from two different countries.

Team Kids Klub – The rest of the team stayed at Gerald’s home and had lunch and then headed out to another village to do another kids klub.   Mr Iverson was beaming as he bragged on how well they did.  The students were excited at how intreating this group of children were.  Another 16 hands were raised saying they wanted to have hearts to obey God and to trust him with the plan he has for their life!   I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of these students!  They are sad that tomorrow is the last day of ministry!  They don’t want to come home!  Most of the team is falling in love with Romania!  God is meeting our students in individual specific ways.

Thank you for your prayers… don’t stop!

Tomorrow we go to the Christian school where the Ziemer’s children go to school.  We are going to meet with their senior class and share and visit!  Then after lunch and a walk through an open market.  We go do our last kids club!

The debriefing was great… some comments

I make God too small – as though he is only revolved around my life, the American culture – there are other cultures out there – I know it but I don’t .. when we were all praying  – listening to other people praying  – I realized God understand all of it –  I know that God understand me – I forget that he understand everybody –  it made me see how big he is and how small we are

Today in the village, you could see how borderline impoverished the people were, yet they were contact with who they were and what they had.  They have to trust God on a daily basis just for their basic needs.  We live and don’t even think about those things.

We complain about our jobs, or things that don’t even really matter … even their small children are more responsible than most of us.  We couldn’t even being to deal with what they deal with.

The kids today at kids club were so passionate. It was so fun!  it really touched me how they responded to everything.

We walked around the village with Crystal (church leaders) and invited kids to the ministry. It was amazing to see how she knew the people, they knew her – she was telling them to come to the church, these guests are going to do something fun for you!  It worked because it was all about relationship having a with them.

All in all – it’s been an amazing trip!

I’ve had some really special times just sharing about their future with a few of the students, please pray that God continues to give me opportunities to encourage them to ‘follow Him’  ‘live it loud and strong’   Because …  they are blessed and highly flavored … you know… when they love Him ….    they are the salt of the earth!

mz g

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