Language is not a barrier – 16 little hands raised – Day 2 in Romania

What a fun filled, ministry packed day!  We had two opportunities to show our Texas style of Bible stories and crafts and songs!  The first Kids Klub ministry time had 70+ children –  12 little hands raised saying they wanted to have hearts to love, serve and obey God.  The second Kids Klub time had 20+ children – 6 little hands raised!  It makes your heart want to jump out of your chest when you realize God allowed you to be a part of their journey to eternity with him.

The class had prepared 2 skits Western style, songs, the David and Goliath story from scripture, coloring, games and the bracelet of courage!

Moments shared from debriefing tonight!

  • Seeing how the children would respond to Gerald and especially when he leads the children’s the worship and really how the children respond to everything with their whole heart – challenged me to want to do the same thing, really give God my whole heart and not be worried about what friends or anybody else things
  • Being able to really connect with the children – we can hardly say anything in Romanian and it wasn’t a barrier – we and the children pushed through and it was amazing
  • I love seeing this culture and experiencing it!
  • Seeing how Gerald and his family have given it up for these Romanian people they love,
  • I know we weren’t supposed to look around when the call for salvation happened, but I did and it was cool that the kids were actually raising their hands for salvation … that and talking to the turkeys  (there were turkeys running around in the road, Barret would gobble like a turkey and the turkeys would gobble back at them… sooooo  funny!)

We have been asked as a team to sing a song in their morning worship service  and then James is going to give a brief word of encouragement.  In the afternoon, the students will again do our ‘Texas themed ministry time’ and then Audi, one of our drivers has asked if I would to go his afternoon church ministry and share.  I’ve asked Zach and Taylor to go with me – please pray for them – I know they will do well and believe God really wants to use them to encourage the small Romania group AND to encourage Zach and Taylor – they can make a difference in someone else’s life!

It is such an honor to be here with these students –  for this morning’s devotional I challenged the students with some points from a new book I’m reading by David Platt!  I challenge you parents to read the same book.  As they head off to college – I pray that they will realize a relationship with Jesus is not about ‘what do I have to let go of, or not do anymore … but instead, who is it that I can cling to?  It’s not about a list of don’ts but rather an adventure with God who summoning us to lose our lives in order to live in Christ!

All of the students have already asked for a repeat trip back – an alumni trip to come to Romania!  Next year!  : ) !    I have to say… I’d be voting a resounding YES to that!  The students have really connected with the missionary family and the children!

Honored, Blessed and Blown Away!


‘be blessed and highly flavored, you are the salt of the earth!



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2 thoughts on “Language is not a barrier – 16 little hands raised – Day 2 in Romania

  1. We are so excited on what God is doing!!! Love the updates & so appreciate them. So proud of the team. Love you all & praying. Kelly & Sam

    • Laura Schnucker

      We are so blessed to hear what our Great God is doing in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world! We love you Impact Senior Team 2013! You each are such a treasure to the Kingdom of Heaven and to your Families! Laura & David

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