Great Endings Can Make Great Beginnings!

Great endings can make great beginnings!

It’s always sad to come to the last day – but the last debrief can be the beginning of something new in a student, in a small groups’ relationships and in the class dynamics as a whole.  Tonight as we reflected on the day it was obvious God was at work.  Our work day got canceled because of the rain so a small team of us went and did a cold call on the Baptist Village Nursing Home. We shared what we’d like to do and they allowed us to come back in the afternoon and join their Wednesday afternoon service.  We joined the residents in singing hymns and then were invited to go to the Alzheimer’s unit and sing there as well.  Of course we accepted.  As we walked over to the second unit, the man that leads the worship for the service said, “I’ll tell you how God works.  This morning I felt God tell me to leave my guitar at home.  I’ve brought it each week for 15 years. I have learned to trust and obey God. It didn’t make any sense but I knew God said to leave it at home.  I wondered what we would do then your group showed up with a guitar and a piano player.”  He then quoted “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28)  “It works doesn’t it?”

Yes it does!

It’s been a great week.   The students were amazing tonight at New Life Community Church. Many of the students shared tonight that it really was a God moment for them when they realized they really could impact the young people at the church. Those that worked with the children did an incredible job as well.  This year the children that showed up for the evening did not want to leave at the end.  They were enjoying talking and visiting with their new friends from Summit!  We were asked to pray about making the ministry at the church a 2 night outreach next year.  That’s exciting to me!

Because of the rain, we needed to find ‘other things’ to fill the day and we happened upon the Hugo Train Depot Museum.  It was amazing and the knowledge of the two men running it made it even better.  (And it was free….. nice!)

We took cards of thanks to the Los Compadres (where we ate last night)  restaurant owner and workers.  The food is great but the service is incredible.  They made such an impression that Taylor and James got cards and had everyone sign them and we dropped them off.  It was such a blessing to them.  Taylor and James led the team by example that this was another way to be a blessing to others.

The devotionals that James and Taylor prepared on the life and battle of Gideon has been perfect.  Our small group times have given us the leaders the opportunity to connect with our team at a personal level. Gideon’s life is such an example of ‘uncontrolled’ obedience – Obeying God without trying to still control certain aspects of your situation or life. Uncontrolled obedience is about giving over all control – relinquishing your ‘rights’ and living wholeheartedly for our Living Savior, Jesus Christ!

A HUGE thank you to Joanna Knighten, Patrick Chapman, Ed Wilson, James Mata and Taylor Metz!  What an incredible team of leaders!

I asked our student leaders to share their own thoughts!



Sad that it’s the last day in Hugo, I’ve really been blessed to be able to spend time with such an amazing group of students, they have a lot ahead of them. All week we’ve been working on having uncontrolled obedience like Gideon and just really letting go of the control we have and letting God work through us and help us accomplish big things. We have and are still learning how to have absolute obedience and do what God asks us, no matter how impossible it seems. If Gideon can defeat countless Midianites with only 300 men and some jars, trumpets, and torches then we can do anything as long as we have God there with us. It’s been fun and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store, really hoping for another amazing trip like this.



I cannot begin to describe how special this trip has been for me. God allowed me to use my gifts and heart to serve him by being a leader to fellow students. There has been numerous times on this trip that God has spoken through me to minister to the hearts of the 10th grade and it is a joy that is hard to contain. I have laughed and smiled constantly this week and realize I’m doing it because I am fulfilling God’s plan for my life. Lately I have been having a tugging on my heart that God wants me to enter the field of Ministry. I was unsure though because I did not feel like I was hearing a loud enough voice from God saying “Yes this is what I have created you for”. But there have been so many instances for me on this trip that I clearly heard God’s plan for me to be a pastor and minister to the broken hearted. From devotions that were discussed to team activities that were put on and even to reaching into the lives of children and youth at the church services. These times have been clear examples that I should follow God’s plan for my life. I have seen God work in various ways in the hearts of students and allowed them to have a more open heart to Christ and to grow in their relationship with Him. I will remember this trip for a very long time and see how this was a turning point in my life spiritually and career wise. I’ve learned that we all have struggles and the only way to get over the struggles is to unite with followers of Christ and let God be the number one focus in our lives. It has been an honor to be selected as a student leader on this impact trip and I have had such a fun time bonding with the 10th graders and learning more about their lives. I am very much looking forward to seeing what incredible plans that God has in store for these sophomores in the coming years.

Back to me J   Well, it’s pretty amazing to think we have student leaders that are great examples for the younger classes and had such a desire to serve them these past 5 days!

Thank you parents for allowing us to partner with you…  I think if you were able to see first hand what has transpired this week you would truly say  “Our vision is to graduate leaders equipped, enriched, and empowered to IMPACT THE WORLD for Jesus Christ”

Mrs. G


Our plans are to leave about 9:30 tomorrow!  We’ll be checking in with Summit as we pull out and an email will be sent out with our ‘tentative’ heading home schedule!  We have to make a stop in Waco and meet up with the Summit baseball team and hand of 3-4 players to them!  Please continue to watch your emails tomorrow! 


“be blessed and highly flavored … you are the salt of the earth”  ~ mz g

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