Being Aware!

I asked Mrs. Knighten to help me with the blog tonight! So… from her pen:

Being aware!

Today everyone was given someone else’s name on the team. Our objective was to be ‘aware’ of them to share what we observed and to bless them.  It is such an amazing exercise to do!

We had an great time working on the house. Many conquered fears by working together. Despite a plethora of volunteers willing to brave the heights, students terrified of heights chose to go up ladders, trusting that their classmates at the bottom would keep them steady in the wind. We also got to meet the woman whose house we were working on, which was neat for a lot of the kids, as it gave them a clearer awareness of why we were doing what we were doing.

We left the house to head back to the cabins, but stopped off at MasterWorks , a shop where they make handmade dulcimers. What a sight! They gave us a tour, and several of our very musical students gave it a whirl; Mrs. G even managed “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” It was a cool reminder that if we allow ourselves to be aware of our surroundings and to take a chance, even at  a little shop on the side of the highway, God can use us to encourage and bless others.

After a trip to Los Compadres, a fantastic little Mexican restaurant with the brilliant invention of strawberry sopapillas (Oh. My. Word.) and the chance to share the school’s story and God’s love with the owners, we settled down to work with our groups for tomorrow night’s ministry. I can’t wait. Our kids are so, so incredibly talented, and it’s been a blessing to watch them work together to plan the evening. If also has been neat to watch them be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and in turn encouraging and supporting each other.

We then settled down to debrief. James challenged the students to identify a fun or funny moment from the trip, a God moment, and then share about the person of whom we were to be aware. It was both intensely hilarious and moving. Some highlights:

Funny moments:

Liz Davidson shared her story of trying to jump through one of the window openings…and not quite making it.

Elisha Schnücker enjoyed Brandon Lee’s and Mr. Chapman’s blues improvisation in the back of the van.

Several students mentioned enjoying getting to hijack Jason’s camera, much to Jason’s delight.

Katelyn Foxworth loved the pizza. J

God moments:

Many students mentioned that they really saw God working in the way they were able to work together today and in the safety that we experience.

Specifically, Sarah Allen noted how she was able to work with people she hadn’t even made eye contact with before, and how it was neat to see everyone talking with everyone.

Cheyenne Tillman saw God working through her classmates being selfless in helping each other.

Jordan Shaw said she saw God work even in the name she was assigned for the day, as she was thrilled to be assigned Mr. Chapman since she had just recently gotten to know him.

Awareness moments:

Jocelyn Payne identified Dawson MacLeod’s sacrificial heart, in that he was willing to let other people do what he was doing if they wanted to and in that he was willing to take the jobs that everyone else didn’t want or were too scared to do.

Brandon Lee talked about Cheyenne’s cheerfulness and encouragement, and how she always made him smile.

Ally Hubbard talked about Jason Mun’s willingness to talk with anyone and his willingness to do whatever he could to help everyone else.

Grace Styron admired Chandler Wilson’s dedication to completing his work well.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we continue to serve. We especially would like your prayers in that we need good weather for tomorrow night, as we would like to have a good group of kids there for our ministry.


Joanna Knighten


It’s truly been an amazingly full day!  Thanks Joanna for staying up late with me and writing your thoughts for the day!




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3 thoughts on “Being Aware!

  1. David Schnucker

    Thank you Impact leaders for helping our youth to live outside of themselves and practice living like Jesus by being others oriented.

  2. Katelyn's Mom

    Love and many prayers to all of you, have a safe and joyful trip back home to us as you bless others along your journey.

    • Charles D. Blackburn

      Just a quick querry. Are you bringing as many back as you left with or is there a surplus and or a shortage? Some of us have’nt seen there kids name mentioned, and Chris has been known to wander. Plus 3 outa 4 baseball players why not 4?

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