Rocks in the Lake!

    • The wind REALLY does sweep across the plain!

    Today’s devotional was about the idols we have in our lives.  James and Taylor a rock for each person to take one and then write on them  the idols in their own lives.  We then carried the rocks around in our pockets all day until the evening devotional.  During our devotional time – we discussed different idols people had and how do we overcome them? We all went outside and threw our rock into the lake ‘representing the desire’ to ask God to help us remove those idols and to commit to allowing God to be first in our lives.  We realize that it’s not by our power that we overcome sin, but by God’s power.  After that exercise, we broke into our small groups and confessed to each other the idols in our lives or the areas where we needed to change and put God first:

    1. We need a personal relationship with the living God,
    2. The Word of God,
    3. The power of the Holy Spirit
    4. Prayer

    I encourage you to do the same exercise.  Read Judges 6 along with us.  Allow God to show you things you have forgotten or have never noticed before in that scripture.  It’s an amazing story of how God used the weakest to conquer the mightiest, showing Gideon and us… it’s not about us… it’s about our faith in a living God who is more than able to conquer the challenges in our lives, heal the brokenness and empower each of us to live up to our God given potential.

    We worked in Durant, OK   today caulking and painting a ‘Little Dixie’ self-help house.  The kids were such hard workers. As usual, the 10th grade class of Summit ‘shined’! We’ll return tomorrow and finish caulking and painting.  Please pray for good weather so we can finish the project.

    Today as we returned to the lake cabins, we stopped off at a tourist stop – the Hugo cemetery.  For real!  It has famous people (in the rodeo world) buried there but even more interesting is the circus people section.

    We finished the night watching the final four game –  Congrats to Louisville!  It was a divided house – with popcorn, pizza rolls, oreos and guitar playing – we ended with a great time of fellowship and team bonding.

    Please continue to pray for

    • the students to desire to spend time in God’s word
    • safety as we travel to and from the job site
    • good weather
    • team unity
    • Our hearts to be filled up by the Holy Spirit so we overcome our personal temptations and glorify God in all we do!

    Till tomorrow





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