Pressing on towards the goal

The final night of debriefing is a favorite time for me!  

There was so much to cover because we didn’t debrief yesterday.

Let’s just say that the Arlington Cemetery made a big difference in everybody’s lives!

Some of the student’s shared that they haven’t really fully grasped what all they’ve seen and participated in and how they feel about it!

Suggestion: when your student comes home, help them process by giving them time if they need it!  It truly has been a full week with some amazing experiences.

One student said, “This all really means a lot to me and I don’t even understand it all right now, I’ve got a lot of things I’m working through that we’ve experienced.”

Everything we experience, see, learn becomes a part of our life story, our DNA if you will.

I talked about how it’s not an ‘accident’ that a stranger would come up to them and share about how their actions blessed him and honored others. The man was so moved he could not hardly speak for crying.  (he was embarrassed that he was weeping, but had to tell your young adults what was on his heart)

God entrusted them with that ‘moment’ and it wasn’t just to make them feel good, but to realize – everything you do … counts … it can have a purpose  beyond themselves … and can honor him!  I told the class – if you’ll take these experiences, meditate on them, ask God what he wants you do to with all you’ve seen and heard, etc.  you won’t believe what he’ll do next in and through your life!

Our young adults ‘got it’ that unique things have happened to them on their Impact trips (how Hugo, Oklahoma Little Dixie remembers who they are) and how God has used their obedience and servant hearts to bless and minister to others.  I can’t wait to watch and see … what’s down the road.

We talked about what ‘a life of integrity and serving and living justly’ looks like … it can be exciting, lonely and overwhelming. But all in all … worth it!

They could be called on to … stand up … speak out … stand alone!

So my prayer for this class … from Ephesians 1: 15-22

I pray that they will allow God to reveal to them the riches of their inheritance in him.  Influence flows from identity … as they continue to grasp their identity in Christ … they will be empowered to ‘impact their world’

See you tomorrow night … late!

From myself and my leadership team … Thanks so much! It’s been a great week!

mrs. g


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One thought on “Pressing on towards the goal

  1. MsGinger you ate making a difference for eternity & leaving a legacy, not just for these students but for their children. Thank you vet much for pouring into our young adults. You are appreciated & loved. You are an excellent writer 2:)

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