George Washington first in war – first in peace – first in the hearts of the countrymen

Once again this class had a first on this trip, we took a boat ride to Mount Vernon, which was awesome. It was a beautiful view of the mansion from the Potomac. We saw George and Martha Washington’s graves, took a tour of Washington’s house, and got to explore the beautiful landscape of Mount Vernon. A lot of the kids really enjoyed going through the house and realizing these were some of the actual things Washington lived with and used every day. We also watched an amazing short film on Washington that showed just what type of person he really was. The humility and intelligence of this man is just incredible. It was surreal being in the same house and walking the same stairs as our first President!

When we debriefed it was evident we are all pretty amazed at the integrity and humility of Washington!  We all agree, we don’t know of any person in history since him that matches the caliber of person he was!  One student commented that we should all strive to ‘be like him’. 

George so understood the bigger picture of setting up a government run by the people that he refused to be called ‘His Excellency’ or ‘King’!  He understood sacrifice and knew how to inspire everyone around him to be a better person.  He never quit, even in battle! 

Christ is that same example to each of us … no greater man, no matter how great George Washington was … Christ was and is the ultimate example of laying down his life for the freedom of others!  When you read the speeches, quotes, comments of our founding fathers it’s so amazing how often they mention Creator God, divine providence, Jesus Christ being the moral guide, etc.  Even those that didn’t claim to be ‘God Followers’ still used the teachings in the scriptures as a moral guide. 

Tomorrow morning at 10:15 EST we will be laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  David Hanna, James Mata, Christian Schnucker and Nathan Schami will be participating in the ceremony!  It will be another powerful reminder of people laying down their lives for others.  


Following that we will be prayer walking Embassy Row! Pray for our prayers to be directed by the Holy Spirit, partnering with God’s heart for the world!

Tomorrow night we’ll do the Memorials:  WWII,  Vietnam Wall, Korean Memorial and Lincoln Memorial. Sacrifice … it’s truly the theme … It’s an amazing time! 

I know you are praying, thank you so much, please continue to pray for us as we are challenged to allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us!


Blessed to be a blessing! 

P.S.  We visited Smithsonian Museums again this afternoon!  Cool stuff

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3 thoughts on “George Washington first in war – first in peace – first in the hearts of the countrymen

  1. Debra and Scott Hauser

    Love this journal! Ginger , thanks for taking the time keeping us parents updated. It really feels like we are there with you, and we’ll be much better prepared to have meaningful discussions with our kids when they return. Thanks to Jeff and Jessica too! We truly appreciate all that you do !

    • Thanks Debra,
      It’s really been a great trip! The hearts of these students are really opened to be challenged by the Holy Spirit to be men and women of courage, integrity and to walk in humility! It’s amazing each evening to hear what they’ve discovered during the day and how they’ve personally been challenged by it! I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to be a part of it!

  2. What a humbling experience!

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