Around the world in minutes!

I always find the song ‘I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere’ entertaining and to see how different mediums use the song to tell a story or advertise is interesting to me.

This week in Impact we could be singing the song with new verses…

I’ve been to … Togo, Bhutan, Malaysia, Iran, Chad, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Russia, Vietnam, China, Chile, Columbia, Guatemala, USA, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, France, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Senegal, Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Algeria, India, I’ve been everywhere … and that was just in the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes!

Pre-K reviewed our Bible-less people groups and prayed for them.  We asked God to send missionaries to live with them, learn their language, share the good news of Jesus Christ and write them Bibles in their own language.  We had a large world map on the floor and a ‘place marker’ on each country where our people groups lived.  This was very eye opening for the students as they could see  how many people groups we are praying for and where they live! We had a lot of fun and the students were so excited when it was their turn to ‘pick a letter’ and then we’d talk about them… It was also really cool when they remembered the people group and something interesting about them.

Kindergarten used the same map and we played ‘Pray this Way’.  The students are each handed a card with different pictures that show a need that either a missionary/believer/unbeliever might have. Each person took turns picking a country and we’d talk about the picture and how that need could be prayed for in that country.  EX:  card has a picture of a class of clear water.  We talk about how water is so important to each one of us, and the need for healthy water. The students learned that there are missionaries that go around to different countries digging wells and bringing clear healthy water to villages.  This opens the door for the missionaries to tell the villagers about their creator God and how much he loves them.  The prayers were AWESOME!

1st Grade –  The story of the Apostle Thomas.  Voice of the Martyrs has written a brand new book.   We talked about how the disciples were eye witnesses of all the miracles and teaching of Jesus.  This book shares how Thomas took his own experiences and brought the good news of Jesus Christ to India.  Today, many Christians in India remember and thank God that he sent Thomas to their country.

2nd Grade – While I was gone last week, the 2nd grade watched the Resurrection Story –  we finished it and had a great discussion on what Jesus has done for each one of us

3rd Grade – We began a series on how the Apostle John shared own eye witness account of Jesus Christ.  We’ll continue studying the life of Jesus Christ through John’s story

4th Grade – We finished 2 videos that the students had watched during my Impact Trips.  Richard Wormbrand and Harriet Tubman – We had amazing discussions about the sacrifices people have made to share the gospel. I love it when the story seems too incredible to believe and the students ask, “Is this true?”  yes… it’s true.  These people lived a life of total commitment out of their love and relationship to Jesus Christ.  We watch this to learn and use it as an example to us … we can too!

5th & 6th Grade – We finished the Richard Wormbrand story video curriculum and began ‘special feature’ sections which tell us more indepth the incredible story of Richard, Sabina and their son Mehi!  These are incredible stories that can encourage us, and challenge us to live our faith … boldly!

I’ll be gone next week to Washington, D.C.!  Please join us in prayer for the whole team that everything we do would bring glory and honor to our Savior Jesus Christ. Pray that God would give us special times that we can be his hands, eyes, feet and bless others.  Pray that the trip will challenge us to ‘be more like Him’ and take advantage of every opportunity to ‘pray onsight with insight!


Mrs. G

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