Our last day in New Orleans

The morning began with a shopping trip to the French Market … the crowds from the game … were GONE!  yay… so it was a nice experience! New Orleans Burger and Seafood Grill … lunch!  (they have the best thin catfish strips I’ve ever had… I’m just saying’)

Bronwen then took us to YWAM’s Crisis Pregnancy Center …  her and the 3 volunteers there shared about the ministry and how God has strategically placed them right next door to an abortion clinic.  They have been able to save many babies’ lives!  We prayed for the needs of YWAM’s ministry and then prayer walked around the Center and Clinic.

When we returned back to the Pink House we practiced and fine tuned our park ministry. Today was a different kind of experience for Summit.  There are always rowdy children there and last year seemed even rowdier then this year.  However, it really seemed to unsettle our students.  The kids did a great job, they sang their songs, shared scripture, performed the skit and then spent time in prayer with the kids. At the end we handed out bags with crayons, coloring book and a toy.  We didn’t have enough because other children that weren’t participating with us all of a sudden came from nowhere and it was upsetting to see about 5 of the students that were in our ministry group not get blessed with a gift bag.

When we returned from the park we had to do an immediate debrief from the time.  Never before have I had a team be affected like this class was.  We talked through it and then began to prepare for dinner.

However, God wasn’t through with the ‘unsettledness’ of the afternoon.  Liz began to share her burdened heart with Mrs. Knighten and after a while they came and got me.  God was so moving on Liz’s heart.   He broke her heart for these kids and how deep their needs were and how they were in need of someone to be consistent in their lives so they could hear God, so they could be helped and so healing could be ministered to them. A prayer wasn’t enough for Liz so as we continued to talk and then included the rest of the class… we’re coming home with a resolve to ‘do something’!  We spent even more time in prayer specifically calling to mind individual children and the needs we felt they had or that they shared with us.  It was a really sweet time of intercession for the ‘park kids’.   Steve and Bronwen had showed up during all of this second debriefing time and they shared with the kids (they had sensed it as being a really different kind of time at the park as well) Other students chimed in on their thoughts about ministry and what maybe could be done.

We’ve committed to continue to pray and as God to guide us, open doors and open and new opportunity for them as a class to ‘make a difference’ at home! This really was a first as a class.

There’s just something about YWAM New Orleans that students will allow their hearts to be challenged by the Holy Spirit and be changed forever because of it!

It’s been an amazing trip!  Fantastic ministry time! Great devotional times!  and just plain fun! … and that’s always good!

Pray for us as we drive home!

Pray that the ministry that the team has been able to participate in will produce fruit and that the work God has done in their own lives will also produce fruit!

pray that God has been glorified in everything we’ve done!

See you later today!

Thanks so much for allowing us to bring your kids to N O!

“Be blessed and highly flavored … you are the salt of the earth” ~ mrz g

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